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May 2009

Magnetic Defense

Defend your base with a big magnet!

Shift 3

3rd game of the shift series.

DOOM Triple Pack

DOOM Triple Pack including Hexen, Heretic and DOOM!

Cargo Bridge

Design a bridge that will allow you to safely move cargo from one side to the other.

Paper Golf

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The pen is your club and paper your green.

Golf Physics

A physics-based golf game.

Disc Golf

Is this golf or frisbee? :)

Play The Best Games

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Play just the best games on one site. No trash, no junk, no stupid games!

Geldautomaten Suche

Geldautomaten in der Nähe finden. Datenbank mit 25.000 Geldautomaten aus ganz Deutschland.

Office Minigolf

Play Mini-Golf and work on the same time! :-)


A funny golf game without the law of physics.

January 2009

Dolphin Cup

a funny underwater game with a small dolphin


Simple but addictive puzzle game with a rolling block.

TG Motocross

the best motocross flash game ever!

Thing Thing

a shoot and destroy action game

MaxGames Dirt Bike

a dirt motocross game

The Hardest Game

The worlds hardest game.

Free Rider Game

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Same like line rider..

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