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04 January 2006 15:00

Jan's Tech Blog: Blogines

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Greasemonkey integration between and Bloglines, adding "Expand" links that convert snippet feeds into full content ones and makes the "Extras" section toggleable.

Google Reader API

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Pre-release research on the Google Reader API, confirmed by Google engineers.

04 January 2006 13:00

blogmarks for 2006-01-03

Nice picks. Might I suggest adding these styles to your template CSS section, to make the page more readable? <b>.blogmarks-link img { margin:0px 0 1em 1em; }<br>.blogmarks-entry { clear:both; }</b>

04 January 2006 08:00

Blogger post tagging update | Good service provider practices

I think we should be taking John's hint about this, and wait for the (most likely) forthcoming article on <a href="" rel="nofollow">Freshblog</a> about how to go about this. It's quite possible the code isn't fully packaged a

03 January 2006 23:00

Button Maker :: Adam Kalsey

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Generate 80x15 icons comfily.

» Amazon’s Price Drop Policy by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

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Amazon refunds for price drops within 30 days of purchase.

Working with |

Sounds delicious indeed. While what I'm about to request is in part difficult technically. Any CommentBlogging support, for helping out tracking cross blog commentary, would be vrey welcome, though.<br><br>The present de facto standard is picking up comme

03 January 2006 21:00

Blogger Blogthis! Upgrade - Freshblog

Only thanks to Jaspers efforts really, this time around. I did <a href="" rel="nofollow">fix a few other bugs earlier today</a>, too, though which might mean I support ftp publishin

Blogger post tagging update | Good service provider practices

2006-01-03 23:01

03 January 2006 16:00

Blogger's CAPTCHA overuse

That's an awful shame; Blogger really ought to do better than that. You did click the link to prompt them to verify you? (I at least <i>think</i> I recall there was such a link somewhere around the message explaining the additional CAPTCHAs. Not 100% sure

ecmanaut: Blogger publish ping and categorizer tool

1) Oh, that variant was new to me. I think I fixed it now, and incidentally also might have managed to fix the ftp publishing mode while at it.<BR/><BR/>2) I suggest adding a <code>div.tags { display:none; }</code> clause to your CSS section at the top of

03 January 2006 15:00

as days pass by » The Bloglines Plumber again

Google Reader also still has the misfeature of ups and downs, occasionally forgetting what posts you have already read, once in a while not getting access to your feed list at all, and so on.

03 January 2006 14:00

ecmanaut: Blogger publish ping and categorizer tool

1) I'm afraid publishing by ftp is <a href="">not supported yet</a>.<br/><br/>2) I probably don't understand what you mean. If you want the text field not to

Blogger Blogthis! Upgrade - Freshblog

We both did. Where the Google Reader people are Greasemonkey friendly and generally housebroken, the Blogger people certainly are not, randomly spray changing name and id attributes all over the place, always restructuring, rarely if ever reusing the same

03 January 2006 13:00 January 2006 Archives

I believe you might want to widen the scope of the question a bit, too -- while you might be able to get read access to nodes prior to a completed page load, write access support varies among browsers. Mozilla has no problem with inlined scripts doing, fo

Ajaxian » JotSpot: Client-side engineer

Points for merit list relevance to creating modern web tools, but where is the part of the post that sells the company and the projects the employee-to-be would actually get to work on? Or the company work environment and atmosphere, or anything else that

XOXO Blog Format

<i>The TEXT field on subnodes stores the date and time stamp, this can be in any human-readable format.</i><br><br>I'm not sure I've got this in context yet, but if you define a standard, always aim for ONE standardized and machine readable format. Human

Predictions so far

Congratulations! I hope you will dig into something fun in Flock, but then I suppose chances of the opposite would be slim. :-)

03 January 2006 12:00

Blogger's CAPTCHA overuse

They do, in the particular case when a blog author has the Blogger internal flag "likely splogger" set. But only then. Are you still not cleared from that suspicion, Jasper? I had it for a few days at most, before being cleared by some anonymous Blogger r

03 January 2006 00:00

Tickets :: [#197] have annotate mode link to line's prior version

I have implemented this feature in another CVS visualizer written in Pike: Code Librarian. Here is the algorithm for reading diffs produced by cvs rdiff, picking out from-line in revision r1 and to-line in revision r2 for every diff chunk between the two

02 January 2006 23:00

ecmanaut: Styling your blog post tags list with CSS

I did it <a href="">like this</a>. I'm not going to go into any detail about tweaking that, though, or adopting it for other templates.

02 January 2006 22:00

Backing up your Blogger blogs

Indeed, it only lists the latest 100 posts, and this post (counting a few uncompleted drafts) is number 101, just pushing my first post off the page.<br><br>Still, it is a somewhat useful default strategy for doing incremental post backups.

02 January 2006 18:00

WMS Servers with MapServer — UMN MapServer

MapServer project docs on WMS servers

02 January 2006 16:00