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06 February 2007

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S is part of the FeedMeNetwork of sites. FMCS’s ( otherwise know as sole purpose is to fund interested communities’ need for new online and offline creative endeavors. Within this site you will find a variety of news feeds available from various sources on the cutting edge of social, creative or technological change. But basically we have a love of creativity at heart and a deep appreciation for how different creative media fuel each other. We got frustrated looking at sites which are just dedicated to fashion, or sites that are just dedicated to web design. As far as we are concerned such websites are limited when it comes to providing inspiration or actively promoting the generation of new ideas. The essence of creativity is having an open mind. Let fashion ideas influence your web design; let illustration inspire your music generation. At FMCS we say mix and match and let your brain piece it all together in that special way that only YOUR brain can.

01 February 2007

Elastic Design Demonstration - HTML Dog

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Elastic Design Demonstration

30 January 2007