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Cartoon renditions of Hungarian Rhapsody No 2

Funny / Sweet videos of cartoons over the years. Includes Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and others. The musical piece is Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.

Did you know ?

A video post on the trends that can be seen on knowledge, learning and education and a comparison of different geographical reasons, with interesting facts and figures.

2008 More Open Source Group Collaboration is centralized software that collects all of your basic collaboration software, like blogs, wikis, discussion boards, etc.

Quotes from Andromeda

About quotes from the opening screens of Andromeda episodes. desktop - Fusing the best of instant messengers and web based collaboration software

This is the first real "enterprise" Adobe AIR based application. Until now, all that we've been seeing are just Twitter clients and the likes to-do widgets. This is the first comprehensive desktop - client server application that has been released as open source. You'll need a server appliance or an online hosted site to connect this client to. Get one at v2.1 is here - The most significant release, ever!

Cynapse just announced their v2.1 release of server. There's microblogging (like twitter) which can be used to have a private team collaborate quickly. Lots of new features and new AJAX UI. Neat!

Contextual Discussions - The most important feature of

The best thing about collaborating via comments is the fact that the comments always remain attached to the content (or the context) of the stuff that you were working on. Its always search-able and reference-able by any body else that is interested in or joins the team.

Twitter-ing in the Enterprise - are we kidding?

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Does the enterprise need another communication tool that lets them publish what they are doing at a given time to people / peers who would be interested in knowing?


Podcast in 3 easy steps

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An easy three step guide on how to publish your podcast. Excellent read

Geekism Is

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Another 15 reasons to know when you're a geek

Calling all bloggers!

We're giving away free accounts to people who are interested / interest us. Drop in. Check it out. I promise you won't be disappointed. :)

Build. Collaborate. Manage. Publish.

Announcing the release of our flash tour movie for, our upcoming SaaS powered, Enterprise 2.0 service.

Windows Live Mail Desktop is actually Outlook Express

WLMD is actually just good old Outlook Express skinned and with some new features and advertising.

Google Reader doesn't search!

Online RSS feed aggregator doesn't allow searching of subscribed content

Geekism Is

A top 15 reasons list for when you know you're a geek.

orkut scraps

Tools to make writing in orkut member scrapbooks easier. "orkut scraps seem to be new way for otherwise disconnected people to communicate, publicly. Judging by the way that tools are springing up for people to use orkut beyond orkut's primitive user interface features it looks like the orkut team is going to quickly have to look beyond it's immediate roadmap to figure out a whole new era of unforeseen activity load. I figure out and see how it's huge populace actually uses orkut, and what tools are available for power orkut users."

Terminator 2 ultimate edition spoilers

Did you know that Michael Biehn, the actor who played Kyle Reese in the original movie of the trilogy actually makes an appearance in Terminator 2 as well?


Completely AJAX based social bookmark site

Wordpress template for Social Bookmarking

A Wordpress template snippet for adding links to *all* Social Bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmarking

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A list of all the Social Bookmarking sites out there. Arranged neatly beneath each post of this site.

The Boondock Saints

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This is a very good movie! Highly recommended.

SyncNotes on NEO Binaries

SyncNotes helps you keep you important snippets of information at your fingertips, always.