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01 September 2006

GeoRSS: Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds

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This site describes a number of ways to encode location in RSS feeds.

30 August 2006

24 August 2006


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My name is Kevin Clark. I'm a freelance Rails programmer living in San Diego. I'm available for contract work, consulting or training. Contact me if you're interested.

Agile Evolved Web 2.0

Experts in developing web sites with Ruby on Rails, AJAX and that oh so Web 2.0 twist

UJS Rails Plugin—Unobtrusive Javascript for Ruby On Rails

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Rails is a great framework, especially for writing AJAX applications, but the Javascript that the built-in Rails helpers output is a bone of contention for many. Unobtrusive Javascript for Rails aims to change that.

23 August 2006


Crawl-By-Example project is improving crawler ability to find useful and interesting pages, a plugin to the Heritrix crawler.

22 August 2006


a library that allows you to extract information from semi-structured documents (such as websites). Ariel will use a small number of labeled examples to generate and learn effective extraction rules.

oemPro - PHP Email Marketing Software - Newsletter and Mail List Management Software

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oemPro lets them produce high-quality online newsletters, manage mail lists and maintain member information.


RFuzz is a Ruby library to easily test web applications from the outside using a fast HttpClient and wicked evil RandomGenerator allowing the average programmer to use advanced fuzzing techniques for just pennies a day.


George takes an address, geocodes it using multiple services (presently Google, Yahoo, MetaCarta, and, but others are coming), and plots the results on a Google map.

RDig - Ferret based full text search for web sites

RDig provides an HTTP crawler and content extraction utilities to help building a site search for web sites or intranets. Internally, Ferret is used for the full text indexing.

21 August 2006

19 August 2006

Borealis Ventures

Seed and early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in Northern New England.

18 August 2006

Rails AutoAdmin Plugin

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A plugin for Ruby on Rails that automagically creates an administration interface, based on your models. It is heavily inspired by the Django administration system, and the only theme currently available is based directly on Django's administration system

Scruffy Graphs for Ruby People.

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Scruffy is a Ruby library for generating attractive and powerful graphs, useful for web applications, print media and many others.

17 August 2006

Deploying Rails with Pound in Front of Mongrel, Lighttpd, and Apache

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There is no reason that Pound can’t sit out in front of Lighttpd, a pack of Mongrels, or any other web servers waiting to process and respond to requests.

16 August 2006

The definitive heatmap/clickmap

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a complete solution that allows collecting, analyzing and showing the click information our users give us.

Beast Forums

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Simple Forums Application

Ferret and Location-based Searches

Location-based searches using Ferret (Lucene Ruby Port)

Hyper Estraier: a full-text search system for communities

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Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. You can search lots of documents for some documents including specified words. If you run a web site, it is useful as your own search engine for pages in your site.

15 August 2006

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