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November 2006

September 2006

Transcorners — Cornerus Pride is there *scared*

by 7 others
corner qui supporte les effets moofx

AJAX Edit In Place (EIP) With Prototype

by 5 others
Edit le text en cliquant dessus

PLUSH - normal is boring

Petit diaporama à la main --> same as mooshow

Overfeatured version light de la lightbox :p

Moofx exemple

Accordian in design showroom ++ diapormama

JonDesign's Smooth SlideShow Library

by 15 others
Galerie automatique en Moo.fx Pas trop mal, mais fonctionne moin bien, beaucoup moin bien que mooShow


by 44 others, 2 comments
A moo.fx Tool pack

August 2006

Mini Show

Slideshow baseé sur moo.fx

July 2006

moo.fx - new version proposal

plein d'effet diérent

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