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January 2006


website helps you create public tracking graphs for your personal goals

December 2005

by 177 others is the flagship product from the team that designed the Audioscrobbler system, a music engine based on a massive collection of Music Profiles. Each music profile belongs to one person, and describes their taste in music. uses these music p

IceShotGlasses - ElephantStaircase

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How to make a shot glass out of ice.

This and That

A multi-topic site covering everything from kaleidoscopes to electric rocket engines

November 2005

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Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home

Riffs: Your Social Recommender

by 19 others
Ratings, Rants, Raves, and Reviews

K2 at Binary Bonsai

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K2 is a WordPress modification


Custom Dog Sculptures! Custom Clay sculptures of your Dog or Pet. Creations starting at only $19.95.

October 2005

The Sneeze

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Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence)

A practical approach to developing real anti-aging medicine

September 2005

July 2005

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