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01 June 2007

UMPCPortal UMPC News, Specification and Comparison site

Below you'll see an overview of the UMPC products in the portal database. For more details use the Compare link which will open a new window. You can use the filter for as-you-type filtering.

31 May 2007

Say hello to Web Analytics 2.0 | Clicky

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Clicky gives you unprecedented detail on every visitor to your blog or web site. Filter based on a variety of factors and see every click from every visit.

30 May 2007

Time to Go: a script to fight procrastination « Gan’s Homepage

In the last 10 seconds, a big, BIG count-down counter will appear to tell you it’s about time to go. If you really, really need a bit more time to stay, click the counter to “recharge” it for 10 more seconds.

Bktter - ブックマークしたらTwitterを自動更新する、実用的な(?)サービス 「ぶくったー」



29 May 2007


find, listen, and discuss free lectures from around the web.

Forget Photoshop: 15 Online Graphics Generators

Shiny edges, reflections, neat 3D effects - you love them and can’t get enough of them. Well, there’s no reason to spend any time in Photoshop creating them since there are so many tools out there that will do the dirty work for you.

Google Icon :: Firefox Add-ons

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Google Icon enhances search results by adding the favicon next to each search result (if available). Icons make it easier to recognize your favorite websites and breathe more life into that dull search page.

簡単楽天アフィリエイト - 楽ワード


Visual Subst - virtual drives in effect - NTWind Software

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Visual Subst is a small tool that allows you to associate the most accessed directories with virtual drives. It uses the same API similar to the console 'subst' utility, but makes it easier to create and remove virtual drives in a GUI way.

The World Clock Meeting Planner

Need to make a call to someone far away? This utility should help you find a convenient time, so that no one has to be up during the middle of the night.

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