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'Touch Dic' - Korean dictionary for Nintendo DS

Adobe Photoshop Tip: Comic Art Effect

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Hey man, if somebody takes a picture of something and then you get Photoshop to draw the same thing right on top of it, only going outside the designated original art to make it looks somewhat comic book like, what do call that? I call it my latest tutori

One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle

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The first draft of your novel is finished. Now, according to the recommendations of any number of writing books, pundits, and writers who go through this themselves, you’re in for five or ten or more rounds of revision, in which you’ll polish yo

The Eye of Argon

The air was heavy with chocking fumes spewing from smolderingtorches encased within theden's earthen packed walls. Tables were clustered with groups of drunken thieves, and cutthroats, tossing dice, or making love to willing prostitutes.

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