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11 April 2007 10:45


I am a SAHM of two and I have a great passion to write. I loved to write even from the time when I was very young. I used to score As for my essay writing in school. I used to send articles I had written to newspapers and magazines and got a thrill when they were published. I enjoy writing slogans for contests and winning (I have won quite a few) and I used to enjoy writing very long letters before email came along (Now I write long emails).

11 April 2007 10:30

Architectural Classics Blog

You may know your originals from your reproductions by sight … or all the differences between the Art Decos and the Art Nouveaus … but do you know about the chandelier made of human bones, in a tribute to the ephemera of life? Do you know what door knockers talk about when they are at home? And did you know about the chandelier that weighs as much as a three-SUV pile up on the freeway? Find out, at the Architectural Classics blog!

So you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?

Jen (a.k.a. "domestika") is a thrifty home-loving freelance writer/editor who dabbles in arts and crafts, keeps dogs and honey bees, designs and installs custom theme rooms for special clients, loves to feed a crowd - and generally enjoys a simple, creative, and fulfilling life in a drafty old farmhouse on the east coast of Canada. She also talks a lot.

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