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19 February 2007

27 January 2007

RSS Tutorial

This tutorial explains the features and benefits of a Web format called RSS, and gives a brief technical overview of it. It also includes information on a similar format called Atom. The reader is assumed to have some familiarity with XML and other Web technologies.

09 January 2007


by 396 others is a custom made web 2.0 home page solution This service is free and gives the user the ability : * to create a personalized page with the content they like. * to put together data feeds and services from web 2.0 with a very simple interface * to access your page anytime and from any computer . It is also possible to : * browse, modify, and import your RSS feeds with our integrated RSS/ATOM feedreader. You can easily import an OPML file as well. * to import, download and listen podcasts without any additional software * to check your mail on one or many gmail account, to stick webnotes, weather and many more to come !


by 26 others
The gowing popularity of AJAX is spawning a heap of new personal publishing solutions - such as Netvibes and Pageflakes. The basic idea is to let you create your own homepage and access it without having to sign in. It's a neat concept for those of us who have password-dementia or click-burnout.



AVI to DivX Conversion Guide

AVI to DivX Conversion Guide

YouTube, Google Video Download and DivX Conversion Guide

YouTube, Google Video Download and DivX Conversion Guide

Postnuke Guestbook Module

Postnuke Guestbook Module

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