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December 2015

What is new in Php 7

Now PHP developers are rejoicing because Php7 has released on 3rd december , 2015 with so many features which developers were expecting to have in Php are now available and have increased the productivity of so many frameworks like Magento, Zoomla, WodPress and Zend. PHP7 can execute approximately double requests than its predecessor PHP 5.6 which means applications can run fastly and smoothly on PHP7 and furthermore lesser memory will be used too. Many test cases had been used in different frameworks and every test was favourable for PHP7 environment.

August 2015

Calipus Software on Instagram

Have a look at Calipus Software's Instagram Look. How we are getting increasing no of likes and followers and also have a look at our creative work.

July 2015

Advertise your app on television

Mobile App are the norm of today's lifestyle as everyone is using apps which best suit him, but most experts say that now app market has come to a point of saturation, and now it is very competitive of marketing your app online because there are numerous apps already available online. But where one path is closed two more opens. Now you can advertise your app on television, because television has biggest viewership than any medium and if you advertise your app on television then most probably you will get benefit from it.

June 2015

Apple is going to ban advertising

Apple is the one of the world's most favourite companies, they have a loyal fan base and whatever they do is biggest news in the world, that's why when they said that they are going to ban advertising in its newly updated "Safari" browser, then it created a great debate that it will be a fatal move to many small level advertisement organizations, because apple has 25% share of mobile browsing internet, and many organization will have to stop their business, but consumers are happy as they would get an uninterrupted access over information on the internet.

Windows 10 will be availabe from july 29.

Microsoft kicked off June with news that Windows 10 will ship on July 29, just a little under two months from now. The next big update for MS is designed as a unifying platform that will offer continuity across mobile, desktop, tablets and even the Xbox One gaming console, and it will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users for the first year. To help ensure easy updates (and probably as a way to try to get a large installed base os Windows 10 users right away), Microsoft is also using a “reservation” system that allows users to sign up to be notified when the update is available, and to schedule it to install when you want.

May 2015

What If Facebook Actually Paid People For Content?

I know this sounds crazy, but what if authors and artists didn’t just pump their work into Facebook for free? Yeah, it built the pipes, but that doesn’t mean the water’s not worth money. The content keeps people coming back to Facebook’s News Feed, which is filled with expertly targeted ads. Right now, all creators get in return is referral traffic. For some content businesses that run on ads like news websites, that trade might be acceptable. The New York Times has a sales team that can turn those clicks into capital. But the News Feed economy can be brutal for some creators.

Google will retrool its mapping service-

Google has confirmed that it is making changes to its Google Maps service to stop racist terms and other inappropriate words from displaying location search results. The issue blew up this week after searches for “n*****” or “nigga” were found to pull up the White House and other locations associated with African Americans and other ethnic minorities. In a blog post apologizing for the “mess up”, Google explained that the situation was caused because its Maps service uses content from across the web — most of which isn’t vetted — to match searches to locations. It’s the same model that its search engine is based on — and explains why a search for ‘failure’ used to serve U.S. President George W. Bush as the top result, before the company implemented a change.

Rentecarlo Launches U.K. Peer-To-Peer Car Rental Marketplace

Rentecarlo, the U.K. startup and graduate of accelerator Ignite100, is officially launching today with a P2P car rental marketplace that lets anybody rent out their own car. The idea, which the company’s three Danish founders have been toiling with since mid-2013 before quitting their jobs and studies last year to go full-time, is that can owners can make money on their car’s inactivity while providing car renters with a more convenient option.

Google has launched ARTIK, its newest platform for connected device.

Tech Giant Samsung has launched its new platform for connected devices and has name it ARTIK. ARTIK includes three circuit boards, software support, developer tools, and embedded encryption for security. In addition to ARTIK, Alex Hawkinson, chief executive of SmartThings, which was acquired by Samsung last August, also announced SmartThings Open Cloud to help developers create apps for their devices. The smallest module in the series, ARTIK 1, is just 12mm by 12mm. Intended for use in wearables and end nodes, ARTIK 1 includes a 9-axis motion sensor and Bluetooth low energy connectivity. Samsung claims it can run for one week on a single charge. The largest board, the ARTIK 10, has an eight-processor chip, 32 gigabytes of storage, and can handle video encoding and playback. ARTIK’s users already include Boogio, which makes sensors for shoes, and Weenat, which helps farmers monitor their fields.

Have an Android mobile , then you can pre-register your desired app on google play.

There is a good news for Android users, now they don't have to search for desired apps on google play store, but they only need to pre-register for that particular app and they will get a notification when this app is launched and available to download. Pre-registration is free for Android customers, and there’s no obligation to download or buy the app once it is live. The process sets up an alert that prompts a user once the app is available. It is not a lock-in, since users can cancel their interest if they have a change of heart.

Google - Webmasters

Google tool that lets you know how Google sees your website/webpage as a search engine. You can see all links (external and internal) with link counter and page data (pages that are attached and with which keywords).

April 2015

Now Download your entire Google search history

Google has introduced a new feature especially for casual serfers and web researchers who forgot to bookmark their great searched/web pages. Now you can easily download your entire Google search history direct in your desktop. check it out.

GoPro's CEO earns four times as much money as Apple's Tim Cook.

Shortly before GoPro went public in July 2014, the company laid out a few of its potential risk factors for investors: competition from the likes of Apple, the ability to maintain the premium value of its brand and being "highly dependent" on its CEO and founder. "Our future success depends in significant part on the continued service of our Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Woodman," the company said in its S-1 filing. "Mr. Woodman is an at-will employee and there are no vesting restrictions on any of the Class B common stock that he owns. The loss of Mr. Woodman could adversely affect our business, financial condition and operating results." So perhaps it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that GoPro would pay pretty much any amount of money to ensure that the CEO is happy and engaged. Woodman received 4.5 million restricted stock units worth $284.5 million as of the end of 2014, earning him the title of highest paid CEO in the U.S., according to the new Bloomberg Pay Index.

Microsoft's universal office apps for Windows smartphones and tablets

Microsoft has come up with new universal Office apps for Microsoft's smartphones and tablets, now windows Phone users have had dedicated apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint that closely resemble their desktop counterparts. In keeping with Microsoft's Windows 10 strategy, the new tablet and phone apps are universal, meaning they share the same code base though there are differences in the user interface to account for different screen sizes. On the phone side, the apps look and feel similar to their Android and iOS counterparts. One change Microsoft says is particularly significant though is shifting many of the commands and controls to the bottom of the display in order to squeeze as much one-handed productivity out of them as possible.

Nokia May Sell Its HERE Mapping Business

NOKIA the finnish multinational corporation is considering to sell its HERE mapping business, HERE is one of the last consumer-facing components that the company retained — alongside its embryonic line of devices, which includes its N1 Android tablet. “Nokia today announces that it has initiated a review of strategic options, including a potential divestment, for its HERE business… The strategic review of HERE is on-going and it may or may not result in any transaction,” it said.

Flipkart Backs Out Of Airtel Zero Program

After protests from net neutrality supporters, Flipkart, one of India’s largest e-commerce businesses, has announced that it will pull out of Airtel Zero, a controversial platform planned by telecom operator Bharti Airtel. In a statement issued by Flipkart, the company said it has decided Airtel Zero and similar plans “[don’t] meet our standards of net neutrality and violates the principles that we stand for.” Airtel Zero will give consumers free access to services by launch partners who pay Bharti Airtel. In an interview with TechCrunch’s Jon Russell earlier this month, Bharti Airtel’s director of consumer relations Srini Gopalan said that Airtel Zero’s goal “is to help developers reduce their cash burn, it is not a walled garden.”

Calipus offering wedding websites solution

Wedding website has to be highly creative, interactive, lightweight, responsive and designer to grab the imaginations of the incoming traffic. In order to successfully, accommodated all mentioned features you will need experts in development and designing with domain experts to develop such a wedding website.

Divorce notice on Facebook? It is doable?

We always show our love on social networking sites for our loved ones like facebook and twitter but do we show our hatred on facebook, yes. In a recent case ruling by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper is making headlines for allowing Ellanora Baidoo, a nurse living in Brooklyn, NY, to serve her husband divorce papers via Facebook.

"Operator" will find solution for you

Do you want a messaging app which understands your interests and queries, which allows you to enter only necessary words and it will understand your needs itself. Uber Co-founder's Start up "Operator" is such kind of app which is designed in a smarter way which will solve much complex queries like, "give me a pair of new shirt which are reasonable in price, and comfortable in every weather".

Now Retweet with comments as Twitter officially revamped this feature

The new retweet feature lets you skip all copy-paste nonsense, as you can now retweet with comments.

Sales of the Apple Watch are blocked in Switzerland — at least for now.

'There is already a patent for the word "Apple" appearing on a watch in the country', according to a story on the website for Swiss television network RTS. Apple Watch reportedly blocked in Switzerland over patent, at least for now.

March 2015

What is an SQL Injection and how you can prevent an SQL injection

I still find that most of the developers are not fully aware about the SQL Injection. Whensoever, I ask questions like; what actually it is OR how can we prevent this ? , I received some mixed sort of response. So I am going flash some light on this.

February 2015

How to Use jQuery’s $.ajax() Function

In our previous blog(What is AJAX and How it works ?), we discussed about AJAX and how to implement the same using jQuery. We did try to learn the same with the help of an basic example. In this tutorial, we are going to take it from there and will try to understand about the various available parameter in ajax function. Though we can’t cover all as it is a long list which you can read here but we shall cover the important parameters. But before that, let’s take another example.

What is AJAX and How it works ?

There will be hardly any web application in ear of web 2.0, which does not employ AJAX. Actually, you can’t imagine an interactive application without AJAX. AJAX is an integral part of web development stack. In this tutorial, we shall explain about AJAX and how can we implement AJAX. Let’s start with what wikipedia says about AJAX. 1. A method for exchanging data asynchronously between browser and server, thereby avoiding page reloads. The XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object is usually used, but sometimes an IFrame object or a dynamically added tag is used instead. 2. A format for the data sent to the browser. Common formats include XML, pre-formatted HTML, plain text, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). This data could be created dynamically by some form of server-side scripting.

What is spl_autoload_register, spl_autoload and autoload

PHP does have some awesome function which can be very handy. SPL register function is one of them, we are going to talk about. As PHP manual says spl_autoload_register — Register given function as __autoload() implementation So what exactly it means ? Let’s try to understand with the help of an example. function Autoloader($className) { require_once $path.$className.'.php'; } spl_autoload_register('Autoloader'); $myObj = new MyClass(); Here we have just instantiated a class named as “MyClass” with out specifying include or require statements.