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Actualité ADSL

Retrouvez en temps réel toute l'actualité du monde de l'ADSL.

Tutorial Notes on Java

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This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Java himself. Topics are related only to the basics of Java language, and classes provided in the java.lang.* package in the Java Development Kit (JDK): array, book, bit, bitwise, byte, console, deadlock, example, J2SDK, Java, JDK, JVM, main, memory, online, operation, shift, synchronization, string, syntax, thread, tutorial

peau de bébé sous photoshop tuto

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Traitement de photo tutoriel

Rechercher, écouter, télécharger des MP3

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Mp3Realm est un moteur de recherche de musique mp3. Il fait aussi bien plus, en proposant de réaliser vos playlists, d'écouter les morceaux et même de les télécharger...

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Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page

nUbuntu - Network Ubuntu

The main goal of nUbuntu is to create a distribution which is derived from the Ubuntu distribution, and add packages related to security testing, and remove unneeded packages, such as Gnome,, and Evolution. nUbuntu is the result of an idea two people had to create a new distribution for the learning experience. Many people ask, "What makes it better than X?", or "Why should I use this over Y". Our answer to this question is, we do not think about whether people are using it or not. We are more concerned about the learning process. If you want to try something with a clean interface, fast, and an excellent range of programs please don't hesitate to download nUbuntu.

The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.10 Server (Edgy Eft) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

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This is a detailed description about how to set up a Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters: Apache web server (SSL-capable), Postfix mail server with SMTP-AUTH and TLS, DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.

Installer un serveur FTP avec des utilisateurs virtuels : pure-FTPd - sydtux

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La notion d'utilisateurs virtuels est très simple, il s'agit d'un utilisateur pouvant se connecter uniquement via FTP (par opposition aux comptes de la machine, qui peuvent également se connecter en FTP). Toutes connexions locales, SSH... lui seront refusées.

November 2006

aniBOOM - The home of animation

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Un Youtube spécialisé animation - Create and share diagrams online.

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Gliffy est un service qui vous permet de contruire des diagrammes gratuitement . Il vous permet aussi * possibilité d'ajouter des colaborateurs à votre projet * un lien pour publier vos dessins sur vos blogs * également la possibilité de faire différents types de diagrammes ou schémas

applications:beryl - Documentation Ubuntu Francophone

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Tuto pour Beryl (effets graphiques à la Mac OS X) sur Ubuntu

Validateur d'accessibilité

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Vérification des règles d'accessibilité

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