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18 July 2006 17:00

Reinventing the Pitch Letter with Delicious

Using' network feature, Ozgur has developed a hack to send messages people you want to connect with, even if you don't know their email address. Basically, you find the ID of the person or people you want to send message to, you ad

18 July 2006 16:00

18 July 2006 15:00

Micro Persuasion: 2006 Trends to Watch Part II: Social Commerce

Social commerce can take several forms, but in sum it means creating places where people can collaborate online, get advice from trusted individuals, find goods and services and then purchase them.

Sky set to offer broadband to challenge competitors

Sky is trying to create a foothold into the market, before the entrance of major players like Telefonica's O2 and the Vodafone network into the broadband market, expected to happen next year.

18 July 2006 14:00

World Cup a major attraction on the web for Britons

These findings illustrate the way in which media consumption is becoming increasingly multi-modal, with the PC and mobile phone playing a key role for many consumers.

WPP in Venture with Social-Networking Service LiveWorld

WPP and social-networking service LiveWorld have formed a joint venture to provide online community and social networking services - blogs, buddy lists, message boards, chat rooms and community sites - to major brands worldwide through WPP's global networ

Strong Demand, and Opportunity, for Health Search Engines

About 71 percent of online consumers use search engines to find health-related information, but only 16 percent find the information they are looking for.

18 July 2006 13:00

Mobile Agency ipsh Offers Media Buying, Planning

Omnicom's ipsh has launched a media division, FullServ-ipsh, which will offer media strategy, planning and buying services for ad placements in various wireless environments. It will also offer measurement, optimization, reporting and creative services, i

Click Fraud Up from Last Quarter

About 14.1 percent of clicks on text ad links are fraudulent, according to a new report scheduled to be released today from Click Forensics, the Associated Press reports. That's up from 13.7 percent three months ago. A recent report from Outsell estimated

18 July 2006 03:00

'Life Takes Visa' Takes to Web

Lyons said the brand shift was necessary because individuals are no longer only concerned about finding a place where their plastic is accepted, but also about spending via other products and platforms, from debit to online to mobile.

Ann Summers in risque viral drive

Ann Summers brand ambassador Nancy Sorrell, star of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' and wife of comedian Vic Reeves, will feature in the execution, which uses innuendo that plays on racing terminology to promote its range.

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