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08 March 2007

Don't Miss Your FLIGHT

Have you ever rush to Airport, you arrived on time at the airport, wait that the Gate, but missed your flight? I did......

06 February 2007

How to Increase your savings

Here you wil learn a process to increase your savings. You just need to follow the rules

31 January 2007

How do we make decisions?

Our decision will lead to action. And our action will produce results. Do you want to have a better life? There is a secret to make your 1st million.

21 January 2007

Cultural Belief (Part 2)

Don't you know that we are conditioned by our environment? Even, we do not know what is good to eat. We even can be conditioned so that food that taste "not nice" become "delicious".

17 January 2007

Success is a Habit

Do you belief that your success is dependant on your habit. If you really want to be successful, then write and develop a successful habit. Your habit is your foundation of your long term success.