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12 August 2006

CSS Tinderbox

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"The CSS Tinderbox is an effort to support open source web design by providing very basic, yet solid, CSS/XHTML design templates that web designers and web developers can use as the foundation for their own projects."

09 July 2006

24 June 2006


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"Blog Flux has one goal - to be the single source for bloggers and blog readers. Be it finding new blogs, subscribing to RSS feeds, or pinging sites with blog updates, you won't have to scurry over to multiple sites. All available on one site."

23 June 2006

andreasviklund templates

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"This is the online home of Andreas Viklund, a 26-year old web designer from Jokkmokk, northern Sweden. This site features a blog, free website templates (and themes based on the same templates) and a whole lot of free music."

20 June 2006

open source templates

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"If you run a non profit org, and are needing to cut down on the costs associated with website development than you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of free for personal use or non profit use website templates that are easy to modify and add content to."

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