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REST without RDF is only half as bad as SOAP

Of all the xml data formats (as opposed to markup formats such as xhtml or OpenDocument, which is not my topic here), RDF is the one that takes the lessons of REST to heart. In RDF every concept, every relation, every object has a permalink so to say, a fixed URI that identifies it.

RFC 4151 (rfc4151) - The 'tag' URI Scheme

This document describes the "tag" Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme. Tag URIs (also known as "tags") are designed to be unique across space and time while being tractable to humans. They are distinct from most other URIs in that they have no authoritative resolution mechanism. A tag may be used purely as an entity identifier. Furthermore, using tags has some advantages over the common practice of using "http" URIs as identifiers for non-HTTP-accessible resources.


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