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Planète Web Sémantique

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Planet autour du web sémantique francophone

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | Spread the word, and join it up

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Data is the key to taking the world wide web on to the next level, says its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But how near are we to realising it? SA Mathieson reports

Berners-Lee - ISWC-RuleML conference Galway 2005/11 (1)

Random reflections on ISWC, and busting some myths and a few challenges


Tag, Taxonomie et DotClear

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<blockquote><p>On peut lire beaucoup de choses contradictoires sur les carnets Web qui touchent aux tags (étiquettes), aux taxonomies, au Web sémantique. Dépendant du camp dans lequel on se trouve, les opinions diffèrent. Une mythologie se développent petit à petit des deux côtés.</p></blockquote>

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"It's a thought experiment embodied in software from Siderean, a company that creates faceted classification systems for big-ass enterprises."

Ce qui manque encore à l'informatique Internet - La chronique d'Alain Lefebvre

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PHP, l'Open Source, le haut débit... L'informatique Internet fait des progrès mais les Web services basés sur REST, l'interface client riche et le Web sémantique sont les 3 prochaines grandes étapes.

RDF Gateway

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RDF Gateway is a platform for the development and deployment of Semantic Web applications. The Semantic Web is an extension of the current Web that allows computers to understand the meaning of information published on it through the use of a new markup technology called the Resource Description Framework (RDF).

The Semantic Web: 1-2-3

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This resource is also known as Stupid Berry Pickers Make Idiot Jam and that fact should add suitable weight to the following declaration: I'm new to the Semantic Web.

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