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Image Annotation on the Semantic Web

Many applications that process multimedia assets make use of some form of metadata that describe the multimedia content. The goals of this document are to explain the advantages of using Semantic Web languages and technologies for the creation, storage, manipulation, interchange and processing of image metadata. In addition, it provides guidelines for Semantic Web-based image annotation, illustrated by use cases. Relevant RDF and OWL vocabularies are discussed, along with a short overview of publicly available tools.


100 most common RDF namespaces

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his table shows the 100 most common namespaces measured by the number of Semantic Web Documents (SWDs) that use them. F

Logic as the science of Garbage Collection

So what is an inferencing database? It's a database that can garbage collect redundant data.

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The GNU/Linux Semantic Storage System (GLS³) is a solution designed to facilitate the management and retrieval of your data. It is a solution that distances you from thinking about Where you store your data to What your data is. With GLS³, you can organize and retrieve your data based on their semantics, based on What they mean to you, and not based on their hierarchical location.

Semantic World and Cyberspace: web 2.0 goes to sw (Its beginning) - aka "I am sooo excited about this"

This flickr pic and the according text show why: rawsugar allows him to structure tags. As I predicted: folksonomies go towards semantic web.

Haystack Project

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The Haystack Project is investigating approaches designed to let people manage their information in ways that make the most sense to them.


BeautyJ - Java Source Code Transformation Tool

BeautyJ is a source code transformation tool for Java source files. One main feature of BeautyJ is to auto-format Java source code by generating a clean, normalized representation of the code. BeautyJ is also capable of auto-generating Javadoc comments with semantic information derived from identifier names.

Collaboration, Knowledge Representation and Automatability

"Collaboration" over the World Wide Web is a very broad area of research, involving wide-reaching issues such as knowledge representation, annotation of objects by objects, notification, and any other issues which arise in the creation of shared information systems and collaborative development.

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