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January 2008

July 2006

Microsoft Expands Document Interoperability: Company to sponsor open source project for Open XML-ODF file translation to deliver more choice for government customers and their constituents.

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“OpenXML represents a paradigm shift not only in its architecture but also in the customer needs it serves, opening organizations’ existing documents to take advantage of new content management and collaboration scenarios that weren’t possible even as recently as a few years ago ,” said Frédéric Bon, CEO of Clever Age. “Through the documentation Ecma International is creating and work such as the Open XML Translator project, customers will soon have the confidence that Open XML and ODF formats can coexist and new document scenarios will flourish. We are looking forward to working with the community of developers and businesses interested in XML documents.”

May 2006

TC45 - current work

The Ecma International Technical Committee (TC45) is working to establish a standard for Office Open XML File Formats.

Brian Jones: Open XML Formats : Introduction to Word documents

Today I'm going to focus on Word. Obviously there is a huge set of features and functionality in Word, and I won't really be able to do much more than just scratch the surface today (but hopefully this will be a good start).

OpenXML Developer : Guided Tour of the Spec, Part 1: Packaging

My goal is to save you some time in getting started with the spec if you're 100% new to Office Open XML.

Brian Jones: Open XML Formats

I'm Brian Jones, a program manager in Office. I've been working on the XML functionality and file formats in Office for about 5 years now. In this blog, I'll mainly focus on XML in Office and the Open XML File Formats coming in the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

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