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Piratage en ligne : le Sénat maintient le principe de la coupure d'accès Internet - Technologies - Le

Ils n'ont rien de mieux a faire??? Ca fait peur. Desactiver tout sauf l'email ca veut dire quoi :) ?

Welcome to The Vuestar Website

"Les cons ca ose tout. C'est meme a ca qu'on les reconnait"


Beej's Guide to Network Programming

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Hello, one and all! This is my little how-to guide on network programming using Internet sockets, or "sockets programming", for those of you who prefer it. The sockets API, though started by the Berkeley folk, has been ported to many many platforms, including Unix, Linux, and even Windows.

Twisted – Trac

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Twisted is an event-driven networking framework written in Python and licensed under the MIT license.


Mozilla Developer News » Blog Archive » Mozilla Releases Preview of Application Framework for Development of Cross-Platform Internet Client Applications

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XULRunner provides a base for software application authors to leverage familiar Internet technologies, the Mozilla XUL user-interface language, and the same networking and rendering engine as Firefox to develop rich-client applications, such as media players, Web authoring tools and IP-based phones, which can run on any operating system.

2005 : Toutes les RFC en Français

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Toutes les RFC (standards et normes internet) traduites en français, sous des formats divers (PDF, RTF et HTML)

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