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Bootstrapping a decentralized Twitter (Scripting News)

I always work in bootstrapping mode, addressing the first big issue, solving the problem, then advancing to the next one. It's why so many of the ideas I've worked on have become popular modes of communication. Big-bang approaches always fail. I've spent decades arguing with people who want to reinvent the world in one stroke. They always try anyway and always fail. Bootstrapping is the only way that works.


Transnets, des gadgets aux réseaux: Blogueurs et journalistes: Face à face Dan Gillmor/Dave Winer

Un des spectacles les plus amusants de la conférence Future in Review organisée par Mark Anderson (voir ce billet) a été le dialogue entre Dan Gillmor, auteur de We the Media, et Dave Winer auteur du blog le plus ancien sur le web et inventeur du RSS.

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