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Mobile Opportunity: App stores and APIs: It's the ecosystem, stupid

Thoughtful article about the mobile apps ecosystems


Bill de hÓra: APP on the Web has failed: miserably, utterly, and completely

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The post is a good read, and informative, but the title and the above quotation has something of Chicken Little about it. Let's go though Dare's 3 problems, provide some options for dealing with them, and then state 2 further problems with APP that are indeed worth thinking about.

atom: OpenDS Atom Server

A sub-project of OpenDS, the Atom server is an open source community project building an Atom/APP compliant server built atop OpenDS and Java. It is designed to specifically address the gaps in security and search in the Atom and APP specifications as well as provide a high-performance, scalable and robust platform for Atom consuming applications.

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Google GData: A Uniform Web API for All Google Services

Contrast this with the API efforts on Yahoo! Developer Network or Windows Live Dev which are an inconsistent glop of incompatible RESTful protocols, SOAP APIs and XML-RPC methods all under the same roof. In the Google case, an app that can read and write data to Blogger can also do so to Google Calendar or Picasa Web Albums with minimal changes.

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | 1812 Technical Overview

The source for 1812, the code that now runs this blog is now available. Note that I don't expect you to use it, the code is highly customized to my needs, but there may be cool bits you want to borrow.


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