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December 2007

John Resig - Simple "Class" Instantiation

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Understanding javascript class model

November 2007

High-Performance JavaScript » SlideShare

How to develop web apps with perfomance in head.

Flickr Photo Download: The Web is Agreement

Great picture of the computer science ecosystem. Exactly like I see it.

September 2007

How to Think Like a (Python) Programmer

by 2 others
A good book to learn programming with python

August 2007

July 2007

Django Master Class

by 3 others
Excellent presentation about django

WebKit - Trac

Webkit wiki. Qt and GTK ports are progressing.

Gmail and Django |

by 1 other
Send email with Gmail and django

jQuery Taconite Plugin

by 1 other
jQuery : How to update several element in a page with one request.

June 2007

Coding Horror: Escaping From Gilligan's Island

A brief article about current managment mistakes.

Ajax Compilation - because you ajax it

by 1 other
An collection of very good javascript, ajax, flash widgets. There is a multiple file upload with flash and a jquery portlet.

May 2007

reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read Books

by 15 others
A nice captcha service, apparently written with Django

Evolution - Not like you've seen before (PIC) (

A very cool graffiti about Evolution

CSS Dock Menu

by 6 others
Nice proof of concept of a dock-like grapic widget. Very smooth on Opera9. Seems to work on all browsers.

You think you know (JavaScript) but you have no idea

by 2 others
Quick videos about javascript language. Very precise and well done.

April 2007

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without | Smashing Magazine

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An old link about CSS tips and tricks, but still very useful

My Ajax Nightmare

A WTF with an Ajaxy Dojo application

Why Kids Do Drugs at FraudWasteAbuse

Why people takes drugs ? Because it's fun !

Ext JS - JavaScript Library

by 23 others
Powerfull graphic ajax library on top of YUI, JQuery, or Prototype

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