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Windows Scripting and Batch Programing Resources

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Resources related to scripting and writing batch files for Windows 2000. Includes Windows Scripting Host, Perl, Visual Basic, logon scripts, and basic batch programming.

Index - Tech - Átverhető a Windows eredetiségvizsgálata?

Átverhető a Windows eredetiségvizsgálata? - Állítólag egyetlen sor bepötyögésével megtéveszthető a Microsoft kalózmásolatokat kereső rendszere.

Deleted items are not available after you use "Recover Deleted Items" in Outlook 2003 - DumpsterAlwaysOn

Explains the behavior that occurs after you use "Recover Deleted Items" in Outlook 2003. You have to add a registry entry to recover your deleted items when you use remote procedure call (RPC) over HTTP with the "Recover Deleted Items" option.

Enable/Disable Local Group Policy Objects

Useful information about Windows XP including tweaks, guides, installation tips, registry edits, pagefile sizing, updates, and an XP Forum.

Free discussion list for PowerPro users

power-pro: Free discussion list for PowerPro users

Storage: Arcserve 2000 - Database Size

Hi, My database folder under Progam filesArcserve is over 7GB in size. I’ve got over 2,500 objects in this folder. My backup job is backing up around 50Gb of data from various servers. These are…

Exchange 2003 Server - Microsoft’s NDR (Non Deliverable Reports)

Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server. List of NDR returned by servers. Non Deliverable Report error status codes sent to recipients


Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP

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Introducing powerful new software tools for shared computers in schools, libraries, Internet cafes, and other public places. The Shared Computer Toolkit helps make it easy to set up, safeguard, and manage reliable shared computers running genuine Windows XP.

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