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Seven Pillars of Wisdom >> Garbo 100: Mata Hari (1931)

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誰是Mata Hari? Mata Hari是著名女間諜,本名Margaretha Geertruida Zelle,荷蘭人。第一次世界大戰前夕活躍於巴黎社交界,以帶有東方色彩的舞姿顛倒眾生。1917年被法國以間諜罪處死。


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以自畫的 Sketch 來搜 Flickr 的圖,十分有趣


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專搜 forum 的搜尋器

Talk Digger:

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Talk Digger is a new way to find, follow and join discussions evolving on the Internet.

Momoyo Torimitsu

Just crawls--he doesn't do or know anything else but crawling since he is a life-size, crawling robot designed by the Japanese artist Momomyo Torimitsu, who assists him dressed as a nurse.

December 2005

43 Things

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Discover what's important, make it happen, share your progress. Find your 43 things.


The Web's best portal for the discovery and discussion of under-appreciated artists

today's electronica

このサイトは、私が好きなエレクトロニカ音盤を「Now Listening」的に紹介するBlogです。

Live365 Internet Radio

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Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations

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