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A Bad Time for Tigers

Audrey Wylfing laments the damage done to the artworks in the Taj Hotel and suggests a little more cultural sensitivity might be needed from Al Quaeda.

Welcome to Rats' Bottom

Audrey Wylfing has moved house. Leaving behind her ancestral home at Frog End, she has bought a new apartment in Central Cambridge from a distressed footballer. However, she suffers from nocturnal rodent visitations - hence the name of her new blog.


The Cleaning Ladies of Dun Morogh

Audrey Wylfing kills her first Rockjaw Trogg in World of Warcraft and wonders who cleans up the corpses. Perhaps the Polish Cleaning Ladies are enjoying the good life in the background to this entertaining game

Something from the Incunabula Chest

A plea for assistance from the University sends Audrey Wylfing to her old book and manuscript chest in search of a historic parchment which might help with the 800th Anniversary celebrations

Levellers and Revellers

Audrey Wylfing and Maureen don their "investors for peace" badges and visit Tony Benn in Cambridge. But a bottle of chilled chablis draws them away from deeper involvement with the Stop The War Coalition

Go Dutch in the Deep Freeze

Audrey Wylfing invests in the new booming business of stem cell harvesting. For the parsimonious Dutch its a case of "waste-not-want-not" for thise umbilical cords


Audrey Wylfing has strained her back in an accident with her fermenting vat. Her son has hired help for her in the form of Cherry-n-Tone who are into country music and car repair

A bursar of the Old Set

A Bursar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge has been sentenced for pilfering from the student bar. Audrey Wylfing defends his honour as a pillar of the local community.

James Watson on Africans

Audrey Wylfing spots a nice cartoon of James Watson with a large DNA molecule

Good Evening Poprad

Audrey Wylfing eulogises the excellent radio station, RTI, from Poprad in Slovakia and recalls the days when Leo got drunk on buffalo grass vodka in Lodz

The Lady of Shalott

Audrey Wylfing has a new set of Ex Libris stickers and is diverted by reading The Lady of Shalott and speculating on Tennyson's life above the sandwich bar in Rose Crescent, Cambridge

Trinity's Royals

Audey Wylfing is amused by a cartoon of a famous window in Trinity College Cambridge.

The Parable of the Talents

Audrey Wylfing suggests a new investment vehicle for these troubled times. Buy Roman coins and bury them in a field. It wn't give you much return but you can amuse your descendents with a treasure hunt

A Quieter Life

Audrey Wylfing elegises the demise of the Cambridge to Mildenhall Railway and expecially the life's work of Reginald Warren Gates, erstwhile station master of Bottisham and Lode.

Herbertus in Spook Country

William Gibson's Spook Country is delightfully unpredictable. Audrey Wylfing explores a possible connection between its Belgian villain, Hubertus Bigend and the Bikker advertising agency of Rotterdam

Last Orders, Gentlemen, Please

Audrey Wylfing recalls the days when she advised the Knights of St Thomas of Acon on their vestments

The Cult of The Pate

Audrey Wylfing speculates on the current fashion for shaved heads. Are they a form of sexual oddity for gay military people, or possibly they are a sign of a new millenarian head-bashing cult

An Unfashionable Cloud

Audrey Wylfing speculates about whether men who smoke are generally more attractive than those who don't and offers Gerrit Reitveld as an example

Today's Hot Tip - Sagentia

Audrey Wylfing gives her first hot stick tip - the ailing "penny share" Sagentia, which has great potential for asset stripping

A Capital Scheme

Audrey Wylfing visits a friend in Fulbourn Hospital and finds plenty of space in the car park or Capital Park

The King at the Dyke's End

Audrey Wylfing takes her black dog to Reach Fair and enjoys a drink at the Dyke's End pub. The fair prompts musing on magical kingdoms and the ancient obligations of yereshyve and scotale.

Putting Things Back

Audrey Wylfing would like to start a movement for putting things back in their rightful places. At an international level this might be the Parthenon Marbles, "stolen" by Lord Elgin. More locally, she suggests putting the gate of Hinchingbrooke Hall back from whence it came, outside Ramsey Abbey

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