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ontent gives you great ranking Content is king. This is widely acknowledged as fact, but if you need further convincing, consider the following two points: * Point 1 - In Google's own words, one of the keys tohigh ranking is to "createuseful, information-rich site" (from "Google Information for Webmasters"). Step 5 of the list says, "build one page of content and put online per day at 200-500 words" (from Brett Tabke's "26 steps to 15kDay", advocated by Google Guy inWebMasterWorld QA session). But why does content give yougreat ranking? I won't go into any further detail about IF Google loves content. I will, however, briefly explain WHY. Google's love affair with content is based on two key attractions: 1. Google loves sites withlot of content because it assumes they providelot of useful information. And remember, that's the whole reason 2. Google loves sites that havelot of links pointing to them because this means other webmasters hold your site in high regard, and Google assumes this means the content is useful. And naturally, if you createuseful site, other webmasters will link to it because this makes them useful to their visitors (thereby developing site loyalty), with you. Why is it free? Why are these authors giving their away? Because it helps the author's own search engine ranking. It'spromotional activity known as 'article PR'. As explained above, Google loves sites with lots of links pointing to them. Every time their article submission is published, the author gets another link to their website. In fact, if the article is really good, it may be published hundreds of times. And each time, it's another link to the author's website. Put simply, article iswriter's free pass to the top of the search . (In this sense, the "PR" in article PR stands for PageRank.) Furthermore, like traditional public relations, article PR also conveyssense of authority because your articles are widely published. And because you're proving your expertise and freely dispensing knowledge, your readers will trust you and will be more likely to remain loyal to you. (In this sense, the "PR" article PR for Public Relations.) How do I if the quality is good? It'sprocess of natural selection. The better the article submission, the more often it will be published, so it's in the author's interest to write and submit articles of the highest quality. Of course, this doesn't always happen, but in most cases, you'll be reviewing the articles before you post them anyway, so if you discover one that's not up to scratch, don't use it. In time, you'll become with the authors who consistently put out good quality content - you even find enough of them that you don't need to go looking for content from anyone else...

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