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16 November 2006

14 November 2006

13 November 2006

Here is nothing. Make it beautiful.

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vector illustration - downloads

Welcome to The World

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Navigate through content by exploring. Luxury Type

Examples of typefaces that can be used on web.

Squidfingers / Patterns

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Free pixelpattern to download.

12 November 2006

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web - a practical guide to web typography

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The elements of Typographic style applied to the web - a practical guide to web typography

10 November 2006

typetype™ - fonts by signalgrau designbureau

fontomas - free fonts - dirk uhlenbrock - links

Briar Press | Cuts & Caps

Briar Press - old type cuts downloadable in adobe illustrator format - free (not for commercial use)

Code Sorcery Workshop » Pukka

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Tagging verktøy for mac osx - tag direkte fra din favoritt browser - supert

Navy Lifestyle

Very cool map where you can see the fleets movement during a year

09 November 2006

08 November 2006

Future Vision - Future Vision

Interessting concept, interface and navigation

06 November 2006

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