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January 2008

June 2007

2007 Year of Third Party Widget Developers

As the market dynamics and content delivery systems change 2007 is the year of widgets.

eBay back to Google Advertising

eBay depends on the traffic from Google namly both, organic and non organic traffic, but Google does not depend on the traffic from eBay - and it's a global marketplace.

Google Checkout Surpassed PayPal Express Checkout (US)

With surpassing PayPal's Express Checkout and with the progress of eCommerce the recent Google eBay collision could opt for Google now tapping into eBay's fixed price business competing in products, customers, and business model.

Summer Travel Trip: Petra, Jordan

A breathtaking wonderland of temples, tombs and elaborated buildings out of solid rock.

Current and Future eCommerce Challenges

Consumer generated content and peer-reviews have a huge impact on their decision making.

May 2007

Virtual Dive Trip to Dahab, Sinai Peninsula, Red Sea: Spectacular Dive Site Videos and GeoTagged Flickr Photos

Dahab is an entry point to a series of spectacular dive sites such as the famous Canyons and the Blue Hole.

Far Beyond the Mainstream: Free Diving Dahab's Canyon

Amazing, sportive and very individual, this free dive in Dahab's Canyon without any scuba gear, but with a very specialized free diving equipment, spectacular!

April 2007

Funtastic Artistic do Brazil: Capoeira at Jericoacoara

It's a pleasure to watch this guy celebrating the high arts of capoeira in Jericoacoara, located in the northeast of Brazil, close to the equator.

Google Checkout Launched in the UK Today

9 and 1/2 months after initial launch in the US and 3 weeks after being certified for e-money by the UK-based FSA Google Checkout launched as expected within Europe of course first in the UK.

Thrilling Moments Diving with Oceanic White Tip Sharks

Extensive opportunity watching Oceanic White Tips swimming towards the camera, circling underneath and swimming away again, fantastic pictures and thrilling scenes throughout the video.

Releasing My Current Skill Set

Business Consultant for Strategy, Marketing & Technology | eCommerce Management

Betting and Gambling Safe Online with eCOGRA

Player protection, fair gaming and responsible conduct

Southernmost Point of Europe: Tarifa, Spain

Mekka of surf innovation and reputed to be the windiest town in Europe: The high arts of kiteboarding today...

March 2007

February 2007

Into the Enterprise with Google Apps Premier Edition

New Web-based collaboration-suite with drastically reduced maintenance costs.

Into the Air with AJAX

New Google AJAX Search API Wizards easier to integrate

A V for Vendetta...

Finding the winning media formats of the future

Balancing Speed and Safety

Watch participants commenting the most challenging moments of an exceptional race.

January 2007

From Russia with Love - Moscow 1908

Fantastic video featuring Moscow in the year of 1908 links to today's Moscow photos: An amazingly quiet winter idyll besides the Moskva River.

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