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December 2006

lonelygirl15, of all the vids - this is my favorite

wow, they were right ... if you watch closely ... you see something funny going on in the background.

November 2006

Propaganda Exposed The Extremist Agenda - Glen Beck Show

Glen Beck show - where Glen narrates a behind the scenes, other side of the curtain look at islamic terrorism. The whole show minus commercials is here (time 41 mins). I think I even spelled Glenn with two "n"s in this? Maybe...

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

classic from wkrp, just in time for thanksgiving ... a vid. thanks youtube!

HeirChex Digital Servicing-Chris Carder "You Came Along" (03:41)

Chris Carder's song, You Came Along, from his current release titled, "TRUST" on heirchex. The link plays a sample but downloads can be had for this and many other songs with a free registration.

July 2006

A Day in Life: top 10 chris carder songs june 2006

chris carder's top 10 songs from june 2006. featuring his song, "anything" for preview / purchase - a song which ranked #9 the past month.

June 2006

May 2006

A Day in Life: Invisible Children

Carder on Invisible Children, with link to video.

April 2006

A Day in Life: GMA Week in Nashville, Tennessee

a ramble and an interesting musing about how tech is like a foretaste of a better world in some ways.

July 2005

a note to geldof on live 8 from boyd | open your eyes!

<div xmlns="">while the eyes of the world gaze elsewhere - towards terror, towards war, towards nukes, there is another little war being waged - this generation's version of the revolution (aka chez n co)... with the corrupt leaders of certain countries ... this one will become one of the more sticky situations facing our world in the coming days... the time to pay attention is now. watch this space for</div>

blogdigger | an amos dettonville browse session

<div xmlns="">if you are into rss and into the blogosphere then you already know about blogdigger (one would hope). their search feature is SoA here's a few random searches just to get you going: iraq, u2, revenge of the sith, origen nyssa, napoleon france, amos dettonville computer, mostbloggers, quantum computer, anna kournikova, "larry norman", linux, unix, mac os x, gilligan's island (the mysterious</div>

new looks and new stuff - from search4rss

<div xmlns="">new looks and new stuff - from search4rss. i have been using search4rss for quite some time now - but apparently changes in layout came long - and i just noticed. anyway, it seems more is going on than just changes in layout. i am not certain what all the changes are - but IMO search4rss was awesome before - and it just looks better. consider mostbloggers at search4rss: mostbloggers</div>

big generator (one) | amos dettonville

<div xmlns="">ASCII generator: sig's for email, newsgroups on usenet, google groups, forums, etc. - create ascii images from text: not bad examples: . . . . . ,-. ,-,-. ,-. ,-. ,-| ,-. |- |- ,-. ,-. . , . | | ,-. ,-| | | | | | `-. | | |-' | | | | | | | / | | | |-' `-^ ' ' ' `-' `-' `-^ `-' `' `' `-' ' ' `' ' `' `' `-' Font: smslant </div>

Google activity meter - How active is Google? | googleville from dettonville

<div xmlns="">Google activity meter - How active is Google? vist the google activity meter and see how active google is in reference to key words or sites. mostbloggers shows a lot of activity - meaning change is coming - but which way (more) or (less) i don't know: Google-activity-meter: 88 % 1-hit Google activity tool try it out: 1-Hit Google</div>

links from amos dettonville | worth a click or two

<div xmlns="">a random wandering of links from amos dettonville (aka cleaning up those bookmarks) futuregate (the favicon with the goofy face from uk). gocousin (or is that go cussing? the search directory which finds 1000's of results - but lists only a few). get a domain on christmas island (why not?). an identitone for your blog (aka: blogtones - i like number 19). where does this site begin and</div>

from the wikiworld | seedwiki |

<div xmlns="">grow your own web! seedwiki — it's the smart, free way to create web pages with everyone having been around the wiki world for some years now - i have always kept tabs on seedwiki and their hosting service. service was spotty for a long time - but they kept working and appear to continue to do so. seedwiki is top notch (always has been - just used to be slow). here are some examples of wiki's</div>

feeds4all steps up to the mic | mostbloggers

<div xmlns="">feeds4all (know for it's excellent collection of feeds and search function) steps up to the mic - and delivers: #1. check out mostbloggers on feeds4all #2. tools 4 your website or blog: Enhance your website with: » 'Readers of your feed also read ...' » 'News about ...' #3. check out this directory: Arts (170) Movies, Music, Television ...Business (533) Online Marketing Spirituality</div>

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