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17 April 2007

Revolutionary Pen-Size Computer Uses Bluetooth Technology

A revolutionary new miniature computer is being worked on in Japan that comes in the shape of a pen that you can slip in to your pocket. It projects a monitor and keyboard on any flat surface that you can begin using like any regular PC computer. With its Bluetooth technology, it recognizes your key-presses and inputs as per usual. See the photos below. I’m trying to find out more about it and when it is expected to be available to the masses. Stay tuned!

Spywarelocked can send spyware to your PC

Processes, DLL files, Registry files and other various files and directories are installed by SpywareLocked during the infection process. To manually remove you may need to locate and remove these files .

Campus communications leap into the future

Lancaster University has embarked up on an ambitious project to transform its campus into an interactive technology hotbed. Ubiquitous computing is a revolutionary new technology in which computers are embedded into physical objects, becoming part of the everyday fabric of our lives.

Technology's Tomorrow

The New Educator is published twice a year by the Office of the Dean, College of Education, Michigan State University, for the faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends of the college.

Controlling Computers with Hand Gestures

As computers become smaller and smaller, one of the problems is how to control them, when keyboards can't shrink beyond a certain size. Alvaro Cassinelli, Stephane Perrin & Masatoshi Ishikawa have developed a system that uses lasers to track hand gestures to this end.

13 April 2007

How to remove evil Spylocked from computer

If you want manually remove SpyLocked you need to locate and remove the Processes, DLL files, registry and other files and directories. These files were installed by SpyLocked during the infection process. For removing SpyLocked see SpyLocked Removal Instructions in this page.

27 March 2007

The powerful new way for teams to work together

Huddle is a network of secure online spaces that combine powerful document, project & team tools with the simplicity of a social networking site....

A State of Decay

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A twenty-somthing guy's dry look at the 21st century

Launch Announcement: DOTENET (Digg Clone)

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Its give me immense pleasure to announcement .NET portal - DOTENET (URL: It’s "Digg" style web application dedicated to .NET and relative technologies. This portal will serve as central hub to share articles, tutorials, blog post etc.

Five Ajax anti-patterns to avoid like the plague

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If people did everything right the first time, the world would be entirely different. So it is with Ajax. There's a lot about Ajax to learn, and there are a lot of mistakes to make along the way. This article discusses some very common Ajax coding practices that can hurt you, and will want to avoid.

xMDB viewer - personal Ajax movie database

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xMDB is an open source browser based movie collection viewer. It lets you browse your collection of movies DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX,...) in a web browser.

More formats on Apple TV? Negative by Apple

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So even with this great Apple TV (a tv set-top-box alike) we still need help from video converters such as Apple TV Converter in case to put our favourite movies onto Apple TV before viewing them on TV Screen. The place to get useful Apple TV Converter

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