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Who is Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson - Mistress of the Dark

Cassandra Peterson is better known as her alter ego "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," The hostess of KHJ-TVs Movie Macabre in the 1980s, which became the first nationally syndicated horror host show. The Queen of Halloween has been a pop culture icon ever since, branching out into feature films, calendars, books, music, and, of course, tassel dancing. (If you haven't seen Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, you really do need to get out more!) Her sarcastic wit and double-entendré humor are two more things that make it a comedy classic in it's own right.

Storz and Bickel Volcano Herbal Vaporizer

Herbal vaporizers can be used in smoking cessation, administration of medical marijuana, or a variety of other uses. Instead of heating plant materials to their ignition point and burning them at even higher temperatures, these devices heat the herbs to something just above the boiling point -- about 235 degrees. This not only extracts more of the active component, but does so without producing the harmful -- even toxic -- pyrolytic by-products such as tars and carbon monoxide.

X-Men Movies on You Tube

The popular Marvel comics group X-Men series has spawned an ongoing series of film adaptations. See trailers from coming attractions here

World of Warcraft / The Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft is a very popular MMORPG and the Burning Crusade is their first expansion module. This page contains links to the Blizzard Entertainment FAQ pages in Europe (The U.S. pages are generally bogged down by excessive traffic. ) It has recieved a lot of traffic, but absolutely NO sales, so there will be no Wrath of the Lich King "lens" from me.

Stupid Squidoo Tricks - Publicize Your Lenses

Due to the current economic downturn, I've been dusting off my neglected Squidoo "lenses" (articles). This one reminded me why I changed over to blogspot in the first place. Virtually any creative means of publicizing your pages can and most probably will be declared "illegal" by Squidoo. (The word is prohibited.) Other sites manage to create acceptable use policies and stick to them.

Who Is Megan Casey ?

It's so hard to keep up with tween phenomena these days. By the time the Internet Movie Database lists them they may already be passé I happened upon this newcomer quite by accident. She is apparently better known in Germany. Follow Megan's meteoric rise to obscurity here, as she battle impossible situations and ridiculous odds.

American Girl - Julie Albright

"Julie Albright doesn't want to move away from her San Francisco neighborhood near Chinatown, even if their new apartment is just a few miles away. Moving means leaving her best friend, Ivy, and her pet rabbit, Nutmeg. Worst of all, it means leaving Dad, now that her parents are divorced."

Squidoo Workshop 101 - SEO for Beginners

Choosing the right keywords, then writing a great headline and lead paragraph are essential elements of search engine optimization. Learn how to get targeted traffic on your website or blog by following these easy guidelines.

IP Routers : Speed, Security and Economy

IP routers -- often called broadband routers or just routers -- direct network traffic to its proper destination, and so help to reduce the load on every system in the network. Once the exclusive domain of IT professionals, a wide variety of small but extremely capable routers are now available for the home & small business markets.

Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini

Since Squidoo insists that we "respect everyone," all I can say is that Il Duce had a lot in common with today's "hip-hop" Republicans. Obviously, that's a good thing!

American Girl for Grown-ups

The American Girl® brand was established in 1986 by educator & entrepreneur Pleasant T. Rowland. Mattel acquired American Girl's parent Pleasant Company in 1998. American Girl is the direct marketer of the popular collectible-quality American Girl 18'' dolls -- The marketing "hook" for their more widely distributed merchandise tie-ins -- primarily a well-regarded series of books aimed at the 4-13 year old age group.

Squidoo Lens Directories

Thanks to Diggit-clone software, a lot of rankable directories are appearing, including some exclusively for Squidoo lenses. They're great places to promote your lenses. Many thanks to the lensmasters featured here for bringing them to my attention.

Amazon - Constrained Search vs. Random Results

The way to find needles in the immense haystack of is through constrained search. Amazon's search function, like most others, claims to use a logical AND operator on keywords. That is search results for "Amazon Warriors," for example, should contain both "Amazon" AND "Warriors." In fact, you will find that, all things being equal -- "Amazon" AND "Warriors" results will appear higher than "Amazon" OR "Warriors" results. You need to "drill down" through the thousands of Amazon Categories to find the results that meet your criteria. I could go on and on (there really are thousands of categories) but I think this small sample will illustrate how different your results can be for a single search term

Write Squidoo Lenses for Fun and Profit

It's easy to sign up with Squidoo. Just enter your name and e-mail, pick a Squidoo username and password, then verify that you are not a 'bot by copying a "security word" from the screen display. Takes about two minutes.

Build External Links with Social Bookmarks

Inbound links -- links from other sites to your page -- are far more important in determining your PageRank and placement in search engine results pages (or SERPs) than keyword density or other artificial means of estimating "quality." That is why social media such as online bookmarking sites have become so critical to successful website operation.

Top Bridal Magazines's got all the popular bridal magazines to make your special day just a little easier on everyone. Whether you're planning a wedding or just dreaming for now, you'll find lots of interesting and useful information in these top-selling magazines

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler's Convention

The Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler's Convention is held at Athens State University in Athens, Alabama on the first full weekend in October. Contestants compete for prize money in 15 categories, including several fiddle categories, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, old-time singing, banjo, old-time string band, blugrass band, and buck dancing. Proceeds from the event support various Athens State student organizations and a scholarship fund.

The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

Two events made 1776 a remarkable year. The first is the well-known Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress. The other, which ultimately has had a far greater influence on the world in which we live, was the quiet publication of The Wealth of Nations by Scottish philosopher Adam Smith. Calling Smith an economist belies the fact that prior to The Wealth of Nations "economics" did not exist. His book is the foundation of the academic discipline.

Anthropologist Jane Goodall Books and Videos

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE is best known for her 45-year study of chimpanzee social and family life in Gombe Streams National Park, Tanzania where she subsequently founded the Jane Goodall Institute

Amazon aStores @

Now you can quickly and easily build thousands of Amazon product pages using the unlimited category nesting feature, build your own site navigation, and customize your store's look and feel with CSS.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

You can literally skip your freshman year of college in many cases, or at least save A LOT of time and money by passing a few easy credit by examination tests. Formerly for active duty service personell only, the DANTES tests are now available to all. Similar to CLEP.

The Whole Ed Cata-Blog

There are over 75 million pages at, and the major search engines don't index them nearly as well as you might think. My blog is your guide to the Amazon backwaters. This work is supported solely by Amazon commissions.

The Real Captain Squid

Captain Squid may or may not have first appeared in Captain Squid #1 (1939) a comic which may or may not have been published by Bongo, but certainly not in 1939. Usually reliable sources insist that Captain Squid first appeared in Radioactive Man in his capacity as part of the Superior Squad. Pesonally, I'm still searching for that extremely rare Captain Squid #1


Lensmaster Index: The Editors of Rolling Stone Magazine

Squidoo "lenses" about bands are very popular. Here are some links that make it easy to create your own page about any of the 124 acts featured by the editors of Rolling Stone.