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September 2006

Growing a Mustache Videos

Aric McKeown is trying to grow a mustache while reading the first paragraph of books – found via Google Books – which passed into the public domain. And of course, he’s putting the whole thing on YouTube for the rest of the world to, uhm, enjoy.

June 2006

Dinner Party Head - The Worst of YouTube

Dinner Party Head digs through all the noise, muck, and funny videos on YouTube to find the most worthless wastes of bandwidth on the internet.

April 2006

collision detection: a blog of clive thompson

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Blog from Clive Thompson, a writer on science, technology, and culture. This blog collects weird research he is running into, and musings thereon

March 2006

Way I Play - Video Game News, Reviews, and Rants

Video game blog from the point of view of an average gamer.


Where good taste and humour are a contradiction in terms, like a chaste whore.

bad ninjas - the comic strip

Comic strips about how not to be a ninja.

Make Me Watch TV

Force Aric to watch any TV program you want.

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