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21 February 2007 07:15

Dissident Presbyterians Propose 'Radical Change'

Orthodox Presbyterians have proposed a "radical change" to how Presbyterians handle church government. Ditching the hierarchical model widely used by mainline denominations, dissident Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) members recently voted on a new model for the postmodern ...

Latest FaithBased Diet Books Go Beyond the Veggies

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The latest crop of faithbased diet books are moving outside the realm of food and exercise and proclaiming a more holistic approach

Archbishop of Canterbury Visits President of Tanzania Amid Anglican Summit

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has made a courtesy visit to President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania on 16th February and paid tribute to the progress the country has made in recent years

Passion Conference Draws 22,000 College Students to Atlanta

22,000 college students from around the world have flocked to Atlanta for the Passion Conference. The annual four-day event brings college students together in a non-denominational environment to talk about Christianity and global ...

Christian Broadcasting Network Co-Founder Dies

Harald Bredesen, a Lutheran minister who helped shape the ministry of evangelist Pat Robertson and spread a form of evangelical praise known as "speaking in tongues," died Friday. He ...

Japan, both old and new |

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The Monitor's Gloria Goodale went with her family to Japan.

Statue Depicts Billy Graham Preaching Again

It's been years since Billy Graham stood on a street corner and preached the gospel, but thanks to a new statue, his figure now will be seen every day in downtown ...

To prevent crashes, a new push to improve driver behavior

Methods that reduced road fatalities overseas would work in the US, advocates say.

Come All Ye Faithful Bring Your Bible Hymn Book and U2

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I sit on the sofa listening to U2s If God will Send His Angels not because I am Bonos 1 fan but because I want to hear what is captivating the churches lately the U2charist

Next wave of travel websites feels like MySpace

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Going beyond just finding lowest prices, new sites help travelers find the best destinations, times to fly.

Christians Appeal for Joint Effort to Tackle Gun Crime

Church leaders express their sorrow following the shootings in south London over the past two weeks appeal to all members of the community black white young and old to work together to stop killings

Reducing Your Carbon Emissions

Cut back on your carbon emissions and help save the environment

The Next Graham: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

Graham family observers have speculated that Will Graham, 31, is the most logical successor to carry on the tradition of crusades begun by his grandfather, who is now 88 and in declining ...

Langham Partnership to Provide Christian Literature to 100s of Seminaries Worldwide

The Langham Partnership has launched a new literature catalogue this month with the aim of helping invest in the resources of hundreds of leading Christian and theological seminaries worldwide

Blair sees Tremendous Opportunity for PostKyoto Climate Deal

Prime Minister Tony Blair has declared that there is a tremendous opportunity for action to be taken to combat climate change The statement follows a meeting between the British Premier and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Joel Osteen Tops Most Influential Christians in America

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Barbara Walters' most fascinating pastor, Joel Osteen, now tops the list of the 50 Most Influential Christians in ...

Share Jesus International Announces Plans for Pentecost Festival

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Share Jesus International has announced plans for Pentecost Festival a huge Christian event which will take place throughout major focal areas of London in 2008

Comedian Brightens Up UK Church

Leicesters clergy have brightened up their sermons with a standup comedian drafted in to make members feel more at ease A workshop was held on Thursday at Leicesters Comedy Festival to try to encourage people in the church to better engage with their audiences

Scots Urged to Think about Volunteering on World Thinking Day

Members of Girlguiding Scotland will be hosting special activities and events for World Thinking Day 22nd February 2007 joining more than ten million girls and young women from around the world celebrating the diversity of Girlguiding In Scotland Girlguiding is also making a special plea to encourage more adults to become involved

Christians Help Victims of Recent Florida Tornado

Help Our People Eat or HOPE is an emergency response vehicle owned by the Society of St Vincent de Paul and operated under statements of understanding with FEMA the American Red Cross and other disasterreliefmasscare agencies

Sudan Authorities Not Serious About Peace Plan warns Bishop

The Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum has accused the Sudanese government of playing games with the people of Sudan after failing to rein in on militia groups despite a 2005 powersharing plan

Steve Chalke Calls for Social Contract to Solve Child WellBeing Crisis

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The founder of the Oasis Trust the Rev Steve Chalke has responded to the findings of a Unicef report released this week which ranked the UK at the bottom of a league table of childrens wellbeing across 21 industrial countries

Experts Warn Parents of 'Christian Sex'

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Teens are at risk of being more promiscuous as the Food and Drug Administration has decided to ease limits on the morning-after pill, giving girls easy access to nonprescription pills despite an age ...

Come All Ye Faithful Bring Your Bible Hymn Book and U2

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I sit on the sofa listening to U2s If God will Send His Angels not because I am Bonos 1 fan but because I want to hear what is captivating the churches lately the U2charist

The perplexing tale of Mr. Blank

In Paul Auster's 14th novel, a man wakes up in an unfamiliar room, with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there.

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