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February 2013

Urban Foot And Wellness: Diabetic Foot Care Toronto

Urban Foot and Wellness, a foot care clinic offering foot care program in Toronto. Our foot doctors provide a variety of foot care treatment services including cosmetic acupuncture, chiropody, diabetic foot care, tarsal tunnel syndrome and many more.

January 2013

UrbanFootAndWellness : Xeorosis Treatment Toronto

UrbanFootAndWellness - The complete foot care clinic in Toronto. Our foot doctors provides cosmetic acupuncture, chiropody, xeorosis treatment, foot neuropathy, tarsal tunnel syndrome and many more other foot care services.

December 2012

UrbanFootAndWellness : Chiropodist and Foot Specialist Toronto

Looking for chiropodist and foot specialist in Toronto? UrbanFootAndWellness is one of the best foot care clinic in toronto. Our foot specialist offers foot care services including xeorosis treatment, foot neuropathy and many more.