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September 2005

July 2005

particletree · Quick Start Your Design with XHTML Templates

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Today, I’m going to give you a peak at some templates I use in my workflow to help me get a running start on new web development projects. In addition to the XHTML templates, I’ll go over some CSS templates and some XHTML markup examples I’ve made to help me create style guides for various sites.

Flash 8 Beta Player Class Docs

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New features generated in NaturalDocs

Free Menu Designs -

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Need a block menu fast! Please feel free to download for commercial or private use, and modify to suit your needs.

Flash Text Formatter

Flash Text Formatter (FTF) can format the text according to keyword definition list stored in external XML file. Its primary purpose is code syntax highlighting and at this moment it supports: * ActionScript 2 * PHP * JavaScript * Python

iA: interAlbum

Créez votre album

MySQL Query Optimization

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Database management systems implement abstract concepts but do so on real hardware bound by real physical constraints. As a result, queries take time—sometimes an annoyingly long time. Find out how to minimize your wait in this sample chapter.

Towards Open Source Flash Development

If you love Flash Technology and Open Source development, you're lucky because some folks in the Flash community are developing really good tools, which integrate with other existing Open software. The result: A dream environment for Flash SWF creation. From now on you don't have to pay any kind of license and you are able to modify the source code of any tool.

D Programming Language

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This is the reference document for the D programming language. D was conceived in December 1999 by myself as a reengineering of C and C++, and has grown and evolved with helpful suggestions and critiques by my friends and colleagues. I've been told the usual, that there's no chance for a new programming language, that who do I think I am designing a language, etc. Take a look at the document and decide for yourself!

June 2005

Digital Web Magazine - Powering the Web with HTTP

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In developing Web applications, as in life, it is important to understand the basics. With that thought, let’s cover one of the most basic components of the Web: the hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP.

Mandragor & Apinc - Base de documentation libre

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Un projet de rassemblement de documentation libre.

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