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11 June 2006 15:45

Unattended, A Windows deployment system: Welcome

This is a system for fully automating the installation of Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Features include: * Automated install of operating system, hotfixes and applications. * Full documentation and source code. * Support for floppy, CD-ROM, and "nothing but net" installs. * True unattended installation, not disk imaging. * No Windows servers required; use your Unix servers instead. * No Unix servers required; use your Windows servers after all. * Completely free. When you are finished setting up Unattended, you will be able to boot any PC from a floppy, from a CD-ROM, or directly from the network, answer a few questions, and come back an hour or two later to a fully-installed Windows workstation. But be warned: This is not a ./configure && make install kind of project, and it is not a slick GUI app. You will need to understand at least a little of what goes on "under the covers", and you will need to perform some customization for your site. Why should I use it?