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July 2006

Zidane Heads World Cup Crown into Italy's Hands

An article about Zinedine Zidane's disastrous meltdown for France in the World Cup 2006 final

June 2006

This Week's Immanentizing of the Echeton .......Paris Hilton Considered as Mother Theresa.....No, Really | WriteNiche

Article about the very disturbing possibility of the bubble-headed heiress portraying the late Mother Theresa in an upcoming Indian film

May 2006

Yes...Yes I KNOW....I KNOW it Rambles.....I'm Drunk, What do You Expect? | WriteNiche

A shambling rambling of some interesting stuff that may or may not pertain to your life.....maybe

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

A funny article about the problems with "dumping" an acquaintence of the same sex

Cartman Tamed by Cesar Millan After Rocking Reality Nannies

A funny and comprehensive breakdown of the newest South Park episode (s10e07) entitled "Tsst"

Gas Prices Unstable as Big Oil and Government Blame Each Other. Memo to the Little Guy: Stick it up your Gas! | WriteNiche

Article about gas prices and what is happening regarding bringing down prices, who is to blame, and why

April 2006

Bush Relegated to 2nd In NFL Draft and Other Saturday Surprises | WriteNiche

by 1 other
Article about the surprises contained in the first round of the NFL Draft

Tool's New Single Invokes 'Vicarious' Buzz

A review of the new Tool song 'Vicarious' by a long-time and well-versed Tool fan

Tool and Fibonacci Numbers Make Beautiful Music Together

An article about the Tool song "Lateralus" and it's amazing connection and usage of the Fibonacci mathematical sequence

Our "Terrible" World

Opinion piece on how the world's problems are never any more or less profound at any given time in history, simply different. Discusses how people of all generations take the myopic viewpoint that the world is at it's worst point while they are alive simply because they are there to experience it

The Rhythm Of Life

An opinion piece on the effect of music across the landscape of humanity and the profound effect it can have on the human spirit

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