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27 March 2007

More formats on Apple TV? Negative by Apple

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So even with this great Apple TV (a tv set-top-box alike) we still need help from video converters such as Apple TV Converter in case to put our favourite movies onto Apple TV before viewing them on TV Screen. The place to get useful Apple TV Converter

26 March 2007

Widescreen iPod is on its way out in 2007

According to the recent report at appleinsider, Apple will release the 6th Generation of iPod by the end of this year which will keep Apple's leadership of the mp3 market.

Apple TV has got hacked to play movies with codecs that are not originally supported

Apple TV Converter provides a solution to convert Xvid, Divx, WMV files to Apple TV format and then import them into iTunes automatically.

24 March 2007

Pink Zune is comming

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All your dreams, My Little Pony Fans, have come to fruition. What better way to prove that you and Butterscotch really like your tunes than with a fancy pink Zune for $249 from EB Games. ClicZune dug up the news by apparently visiting the EB Games site, which is definitely a sly bit of newsgathering, and discovered the Pink Zune should drop on May 1, 2007.

23 March 2007

Europeans are planning to ban Apple's iTunes service

The Norwegian Consumer Council has deemed it illegal in Norway, with France and Germany possibly following suit, in a bold move against iTunes’ DRM.

22 March 2007

Apple TV on sale at American Stores this Weekend!

See more at Apple TV Converter News

26 February 2007

POPscars: the new software award for shareware and freeware

POPsnail Presents the POPscars: the new software award for shareware and freeware Best iPod, PSP, Zune Software in a Leading Role Best Security Software in a Supporting Role Best Software Provider Best DVD Software Best Audio Converters Best Language Software Best Design Tools Best Screensavers Best e-Books & Literature Best Audio Editors

10 February 2007

Valentine's day special gifts

Valentine's day special gifts for the girls you dream, for the man you love. valentine's day is special day need special gifts. POPSnail give you more valentine's day idea and make more personalized valentine's day gifts.

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