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August 2007

Let a Domain Name Registrar Choose the Name of Your Baby

Is the proposed name of your baby already registered? Change it!

July 2007

How Long Do You Really Need To Boil Water to Make it Safe?

Throughout the world many people die from waterborne diseases. Water is routinely boiled in order to make it safe to drink. Whole forests have been cut down to obtain the necessary fuel. But how long does water need to be boiled to make it safe? 10-minutes? 5? 1?. The answer may surprise you - and help save the worlds forests.

The 5 Basic Survival Skills

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Using these 5 basic survival skills you can survive just about anything...

How to Choose a Survival Knife

Selecting the right survival knife could save your life. Here is how to do it...

June 2007

How Long Can You Survive Without Food?

Interesting article covering the various factors in determining how long you can live without eating.

A Native American Cure For Scurvy

Native Americans saved the lives of Jacques Cartier and his men during the winter of 1536. What did Cartier do in return?

February 2007

Why Do People Remove Their Warm Clothing as They Freeze to Death?

One common but especially bizarre behavior of hypothermia victims is known as "paradoxical undressing", where they remove their warm clothing even as they are freezing to death. Finally there is an answer why...

December 2006

Lost in a Big World

Lost in the wilderness, here is how to get yourself out.

The Mother of All Survival Equipment

Of all the survival gear you have, this is by far the most important

Swiftwater Covered Bridge

THe Swiftwater Covered Bridge in Bath NH also has a large and excellent swimming hole in the river below.

Gold in The White Mountains

Prospecting for gold in the White Mountains of NH. Yes, there is plenty of gold to be found - get yours here!

Mount Hayes Hike

Mount Hayes in the Mahoosuc mountain range in Gorham NH

Mount Willard House and Willey Brook Bridge

The Mount Willard House historical site and the Willey Brook railroad bridge in Crawford Notch NH

Dismal Pool

A pond in Crawford Notch in the White Mountains of NH

Mount Hale

Mount Hale is a 4000 footer in the White Mountains of NH

Lower Ammonoosuc Falls

White Mountain waterfall on the Ammonoosuc River in Twin Mountain NH

Lost in the Wilderness

What to do if you are lost in the wilderness, what to bring and how to avoid becoming lost in the first place.

Always Carry a Warm Hat

A warm wool or synthetic hat can help keep you warm

Most Popular Ways to Die in the Wilderness

From fatal falls to bears, discusses the most common ways people lose their lives in the outdoors