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March 2011

Tous les labos

40 livres photos testés

Android Drawables

The drawables found in the Android frameworrk

Echo - Build Highly Social Real-time Apps.

Expensive and high quality commenting system

February 2011

Art Project, powered by Google

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Visite virtuelle de musées.

January 2011

Google APIs & Developer Products

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google product for developers, like the element periodic table

Sculpteo | Votre design 3D devient réalité avec l'impression 3D

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Modélisez un objet en 3D, cette entreprise le fabrique!

December 2010


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A jQuery plugin for charts. It produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side.

October 2010

Cité de la musique Live

La cité de la musique diffuse les concerts qui ont été enregistrés dans ses salles

September 2010

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.

Search flickr pictures by their colors

TinEye Reverse Image Search

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Send an image, and tineye will return similar images

March 2010

AmpliFeeder - Open source lifestream platform

Open-source lifestream server, wriiten in Pull yourself together Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Shared Items, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, LastFM, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Upcoming, Mixx & more