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31 December 1969 19:00

64-Bit Support Forum

Forum for 64-bit support of drivers and applications in WindowsXP x64 edition

Ironic Times

Weekly hilarious satire magazine

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America’s Best Political Newspaper. Great articles unaffected by the Corporate Media.

The 2nd most popular newspaper in Toronto, Canada, after the Toronto Star.The Sun is more conservative-biased, while the Star is more liberal-biased.

Ontario Employment Laws

A nice collection of all latest Ontario Employment Laws, without the wordy lawer-ish mumbo jumbo found on E-laws website.

Bank of Canada

Official Bank of Canada which sets interest rates

Neowin Forums

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Windows & PC Support Forum

MSN Autos

Car information, new car prices, used car values, used car reviews, new car reviews

Web Math Tools

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Large collection of math and science equations and calculators

Idiocracy (2006)

look for this rare movie, from makers of Office Space. a satire look at future society that is filled with idiots.

EVGA | Message Boards

Support for EVGA video cards and motherboards.


Best DC client

Diigo community

Community listings on Diigo


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IT Magazine, also home of the Langa Letter for excellent tips & tweaks.

A Collection of Great Canadian Blinks

This BlinkList space is devoted to Canada, Canadian websites, Canadian companies, and Canadian resources.

The Wiggles

Playground, music, online games for kids.

Treehouse TV

TV Programs and Online Games for Kids

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Dictionary, Thesaurus

Weight Watchers Recipes

Many recipes, complete with Weight Watcher’s Points values

WhatTheFont Forum

Help in identifying rare and unknown fonts