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July 2006


Review site for gizmos. Not much to see yet.

June 2006


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Create an RSS feed from any web page. Similar to FeedYes.


Metasearch engine that helps you to stalk people. Search for a name on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Google, Technorati and Google Images, all at once. This is actually a pretty original idea that could be of use to MySpace users.


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Notepad for your ideas. It's not a bad attempt, but the ajax interface feels clunky in comparison to Google Notebook.

May 2006


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User-generated trivia game. All the questions are tagged, and the quizzes are created dynamically around a tag. Fun, but needs more content.


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Search engine that provides red, amber and green ratings for search results, based on the likelihood that the site will download malicious software. This is very similar to SiteAdvisor, but in this case the ratings are displayed on a centralized site, rather than through a browser extension. You can search with Google or MSN - Yahoo and Ask are coming soon. Personally I prefer the distributed model that SiteAdvisor is trying.


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Tag the physical things you create. An interesting idea, but very much a niche play.


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Simple online expense tracking. It's a neat idea, but it remains to be seen if people will entrust their finances to a web application - even if it's completely anonymous.


New way to sell your place in line for season tickets, product launches etc. A neat idea that adds new efficiencies to the system.


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Social site for car lovers and petrol heads. Show off your automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, planes and bikes in a virtual garage. Well designed and fun to use, especially for the target demographic.


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A place for wine lovers to rate wines and share their reviews. Extremely well designed and fun to use.


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Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to tag your email. Actually not a bad idea.


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Yet another memedigger for news stories. Add news items and vote on the news. Seems too much like Digg to ever take off.


Another media swapping service along the lines of Lala and ZunaFish. Unlike rival services, SwitchDiscs doesn't charge any fees, which begs the question - how will they make money?


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Instant metasearch engine. Search A9, Amazon, Digg, Flickr, Google, Technorati and Yahoo all from one interface. Ultra-responsive and well designed.

Deep Quote

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Tool that lets you link to specific quotes in web pages. There's also a browser extension that lets you highlight some text and instantly generate a link to it. However, the idea behind permalinks is that they last forever - you'll have to hope Deep Quote will be around for a while.


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Web-based version of MSN Messenger. The advantage is that you can continue to use MSN Messenger at work or college (where IM messengers might be blocked), but since Meebo already supports four IM clients (including MSN), it makes you wonder why you'd use Messenger FX instead.


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Tag metasearch engine. Tagground searches the tags from multiple social bookmarking sites. Interestingly, it allows you to both search by tag and by URL. It's nifty and nicely designed, but likely a fun toy rather than a long-term bet. See also Keotag - another tag metasearch engine.


Web-based exercise tracker. Keep track of your training and discuss your progress with others. An interesting product that could catch on with a certain niche, if marketed correctly.


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Timed alerts service. Seems like this should be a feature of a larger app, rather than a standalone service.

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Web-based forum with pinging and tagging. Similar to TalkingHub. Not a bad idea, but it'll take a lot of work to get people to use it. What's more, the target audience already has its own decentralized forum - the blogosphere.

April 2006


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Another list of Web 2.0 companies. Lots of companies listed, although there aren't any reviews or comments. See also NEOBinaries, Web 2.0 List and Buzzshout.


Social stock trading - similar to SocialPicks. Share stock information and subscribe to the latest updates via RSS. A very interesting idea that should create some real value.


Web-based RSS aggregator for rich media. You can view videos and listen to podcasts within the application itself. MediaTuner will no doubt appeal to hardcore rich media consumers, but everyone else will likely stick with their current setup.

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Web-based lists. Create lists and invite others to collaborate on them. Unlike similar services, there aren't any public lists - Flexlists could be used in businesses and for communication between distributed teams.

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