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17 November 2005

OmniNerd - Articles: Is a Hybrid Worth It?

Are Hybrid cars worth it? Apparently not.

13 November 2005

Adam Polselli » Where'd Ya Get That Color Scheme?

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"Design inspiration can come from anywhere, anything, and at anytime. One of my personal favorites is photographs. They're perfect for scoping out fresh color schemes. I've done some scoping of my own, and have derived the following color schemes from a few of my own photographs. Use the colors themselves, or simply be inspired to create your own. Enjoy!"

06 November 2005

Wheel of the Year

The wheel of the year: yule, imbolc, ostara, etc.

05 November 2005

Fetching, Re-mixing and Displaying Multiple RSS Feeds in Wordpress

Five different plugins for displaying RSS feeds in your Wordpress blog.

04 November 2005

Right to Wife - Why does Judge Alito treat women like girls? By William Saletan

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"Now, I'm seeing two arguments there. One is that the woman has some kind of misperception about her marriage or her situation, and her husband can set her straight. And the other argument is that the husband has such a profound interest in keeping the fetus alive—and his wife has such a small interest in controlling what happens to her body—that the government can force her to consult him even if she's so afraid of him, or so certain she can't have this baby, that she won't talk to him unless we threaten her with criminal charges. And you implied that Justice O'Connor, the justice you're planning to replace on this court, would agree with you."

03 November 2005

Devil’s Details

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"This daily updated weblog collects and classifies web design details. The objective of Devil’s Details is to become a source for web developers searching for inspiration or trying to learn new tricks."

02 November 2005

Flickr: Do more with your photos

Do more with Flickr: make books/posters, make DVD backups or slideshows, or design your own real US stamps!

01 November 2005

Mind Hacks: Essential sites for students

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For students -- reference, education and the like.

Search bookmarks

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Search bookmarks by organization, activity, place, technology and etc.

30 October 2005

Bullshit Bingo [Random!]

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When you're locked in an oh-so-boring meeting at work, pullout this Bullshit Bingo card and mark of each box, one by one.

I want to - a page of utilities that help you do stuff you want to

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A nice list of things to use when you need some help. Examples of software include sharing photgraphs (flickr, fotopic), bookmarks (, blogmarks) and even disposible emails (pookmail, spambob).

19 October 2005

Feedster (sf) :: RSS Search Engine

"Feedster is first and foremost a search engine, however unlike a general web search engine like Google, Feedster includes only a certain type of content, called feeds, which provide many advantages." I've just started using this. I can't give it a heads-or-tails answer yet, but so far so good.

Thompson breaks his word on $10k bounty, says he was just kidding - Joystiq -

"A team of GTA modders called the Fighting Hellfish has created a San Andreas mod for the PC that Jack Thompson could have designed—that is, if he included himself as the vengeful father he proposed earlier, on a murderous rampage through the video-game industry." Jack Thomson needs to stop worrying about video games and start with telivision -- the CareBears just have to go.

Open Directory - Computers: Software: Fonts: Freeware and Shareware

A list of links to font sites. I love adding new fonts to my collection, so this is definitely a bookmark.

10 October 2005

Beating Writer's Block -- Ask MeFi

A few good suggestions, mostly ego-inflating.

09 October 2005

WordPress Theme Viewer

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Really nice themes, include some really nice themes that aren't included in usual theme viewers.

07 October 2005

Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly®

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Someone actually wrote a program for predicting Monopoly statistics, such as "Long Term Probabilities for Ending Up on Each of the Squares in Monopoly", "Expected Income Per Opponent Roll on all Properties Assuming Preferred Short Jail Stay", and "Expected Income Per Opponent Roll on all Properties Assuming Preferred Long Jail Stay". If I were a math person, I might find this useful.

28 September 2005

Hostage Gave Meth to Atlanta Fugitive

The woman who supposedly brought down a gunman after he killed several people "with God" actually gave the suspect cracker crack -- to calm him, strangely enough.

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