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July 2008

Cellphones safe for children

Canada's largest city has recommended that parents limit the cellphone use of their children, but Health Canada said in response that science does not show that cellphones are unsafe.

June 2008

A healthy diet, lifestyle crucial during pregnancy

Women who adopt a healthful diet and lifestyle before and during pregnancy set the stage for a good birth outcome, according to a new position paper on this topic by the American Dietetic Association.

May 2008

Diet pill to 'shed 10kg'

A DIET pill billed as helping women drop two dress sizes in six months will be released here.

Polar explorer Steger says polar bears' new status highlights the dangers of global warming

The polar bear just got listed as a threatened species, but veteran polar explorer Will Steger and the team he's leading in the Canadian Arctic found themselves threatened - by the bears.

Low carb diet curbs epileptic fits

Giving children with epilepsy a special low carb diet reduces the number of seizures they experience by 75% compared with children on a normal diet, according to a study carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Fresh fears over mobile phone risk to kids' health

NEW research has triggered fresh fears for the long-term health of children and teenagers who use mobile phones today.

Prenatal vitamins cuts kids' cancer risk

The study, published online Wednesday in the journal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, estimates prenatal multivitamin supplements "may prevent 900 cases of pediatric leukemia and 300-400 cases of pediatric brain tumours annually in the United States."

April 2008

Solving global warming with giant vacuums

Klaus Lackner, a physicist at Columbia University, said placing enough carbon filters around the planet could reel the world's atmosphere back toward the 18th century, like a climatic time machine.

Hackers hit one in 10 big companies: study

Very large companies remain the main target for hackers and 20 percent detect hundreds of significant attempts to break into their network every day.

Health: New Weight Loss Surgery

There a several different kings of weight loss surgeries. Now researchers are finding one, which uses a sleeve like contraption to reshape the stomach, can be especially helpful for people who are too heavy for traditional gastric bypass.

New diet pill: risky or real?

Retailers can barely keep it on the shelf for more than a day. GNC stores have the logo on the front door: DEXC20. Some local stores even have customer wait lists.

Mapping Genetic Abnormalities in Autism

A new project to study the brains of people with autism in unprecedented detail could finally pinpoint subtle neurological changes that underlie the disorder. Researchers will use an innovative set of tools developed to study gene expression to analyze exactly where early brain development goes awry.

Macadamia nuts can be included in heart healthy diet

Macadamia nuts included in a heart healthy diet reduced low-density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and should be included among nuts with qualified health claims, according to researchers.

New technology for cameras, robots, medicine measures smiles

The breadth of a smile can be measured by new technology from Japanese electronics and health care company Omron Corp.

Common food additives 'to be banned by 2009' to cut hyperactivity in children by 75%

A ban on certain additives in food could be in place as early as next year after research showed it could cut hyperactivity in children by a third and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Colombian traffickers using submarines to smuggle drugs

Colombia's biggest drug smuggling ring is using submarines to smuggle cocaine into Mexico for eventual delivery in the US.

1 in 15 kids hurt in medicine mix-ups at hospitals

Medicine mix-ups, accidental overdoses and bad drug reactions harm roughly one out of 15 hospitalized children, according to the first scientific test of a new detection method.

Professional Investor: Food producers could provide a rich diet

So why are prices rising so rapidly? Inventories of soft commodities such as corn or wheat are at 100-year lows. After years of underinvestment, the larder is bare.

Weight limit protects beach donkeys from overweight children

A donkey code of practice is being brought in to stop anyone over 50.8kg (8st) from riding the animals amid growing fears that Britain's 850 donkeys are buckling under the weight of heavier children and putting their health at risk.

March 2008

Could a raw-food diet have an impact on cancer survival?

A raw-food diet – basically raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains – has plenty of advocates, but whether it's the right choice for a cancer patient is open to question.

Fossil gets cutting-edge examination in NASA hangar

Leonardo's 18-month stay in Houston isn't just a vacation — the mummy dinosaur already has endured a battery of high-tech tests that couldn't be completed in the confines of his Malta home.

New Antioxidant-Rich Dark Chocolate Aids in Diet and Weight Loss

Everywhere you look these days, on radio, television, and in the newspapers, you're hearing about studies that show that healthy-chocolate promotes weight loss. But these aren't the same old name-brand chocolate bars you would find at your local grocery store.

Viagra is celebrated for fixing more than one problem

Thanks to savvy marketing of Viagra and similar drugs to a surging boomer population, erectile dysfunction has replaced impotence as the term of choice for a subject once-considered taboo. And the stigma of male sexual dysfunction has all but disappeared.

Gluten-free vegan diet could protect arthritics' hearts, study

Arthritis sufferers who adhere to a gluten-free vegan diet could be better protected against heart attacks and stroke.