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29 May 2005 14:00 is a website for those interested in the art and technical aspects of body suspension and the responsible dissemination of information pertaining to such. It is not designed to encourage people to attempt any dangerous activities. The act of suspension is hanging the human body from (or partially from) hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body.

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Common Interests: Central America, Int'l Development, Middle East, Islam, Culture/Ethnicity, Reggae, Religion, Library Resources, Political Science, Anarchism, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychiatry

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Common Interests: Israel, Central America, Africa, Middle East, Netherlands, South America, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism, Asia, Culture/Ethnicity, Australia, Reggae

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Common Interests: Opera, Dancing, Culture/Ethnicity, Australia, Acting, Astrology/Psychics, Sculpting, Canada, Sociology, Performing Arts, Activism, Spirituality, Buddhism

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Common Interests: Buddhism, Linguistics, Punk Rock, Europe, Foreign Films, Art History, Coffee, Ethics, Classic Films, Personal Sites, Stumblers, Painting, Literature

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Common Interests: Fantasy Books, Literature, Music, Alternative Rock, Cult Films, Movies, Journalism, Mythology, Weblogs, Independent Film, Arts/Humanities, Books, Photography

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Common Interests: Celtic Music, Fashion, Poetry, Entertaining, Fantasy Books, Painting, Fine Arts, Alternative Rock, Web Development, Humor, Graphic Design, Arts/Humanities, Alternative Media


Common Interests: Sculpting, Poetry, Humanities, Art History, Stumblers, Painting, Literature, Fine Arts, Alcoholic Drinks, Medieval History, Ancient History, Chaos/Complexity, Mythology

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Common Interests: Israel, Central America, Middle East, India, Paganism, Culture/Ethnicity, Australia, Anarchism, Sociology, Psychiatry, Activism, Spirituality, Poetry

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Common Interests: Int'l Development, Middle East, Latin Music, Ethnic Music, Culture/Ethnicity, Reggae, Astrology/Psychics, New York, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychiatry, Activism


Common Interests: Counterculture, Alternative Rock, Christianity, Iraq Conflict, Windows, Journalism, Liberties/Rights, Mythology, Humor, Psychology, Weblogs, Independent Film, Open Source

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Common Interests: Hinduism, Ethnic Music, Dancing, Paganism, Wicca, Culture/Ethnicity, Australia, Religion, Astrology/Psychics, Sculpting, Library Resources, Celtic Music, Performing Arts


Lovemarks are a new way of thinking about the things we love. Lovemarks are better than brands, because they are about Love and Respect: they speak to us as thinking and feeling human beings. Lovemarks embody Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy.

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Common Interests: Middle East, Latin Music, Hinduism, Dancing, Australia, Folk music, Psychiatry, Spirituality, Buddhism, Politics, Poetry, Film Noir, Publishing/Writing

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Common Interests: Feminism, Nonprofit/Charity, Astrology/Psychics, Anarchism, Sociology, Psychiatry, Activism, Buddhism, Politics, Poetry, Hedonism, Linguistics, Punk Rock

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