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Make Use Of ...

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Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips

Personal Life Media

New portal with blogs and podcasts supposedly aimed at the "boomer" generation. Some good lifestyle and environment content buried in with all the rest, so worth a look.

Roll A Joint

Specialist consumer site.

GEOMENTARY - GeoTagging Documentaries

If you are looking for video documentaries online, this new "mash-up" could prove useful. You use map services to choose the location you're researching and it find related documentaries from all the various sources for you.

Music Tonic

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One of the new breed of "mash-up" sites bringing you everything from one portal. Nice start - hope they keep it up.


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This exhaustive site is a source for downloading free audiobooks - anything that's in the public domain.


The acclaimed news and analysis site from Iraq.


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Get news quickly with this Flash reader.

13 Places To Watch TV Online for Free

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Useful list - just what it says on the box!

Flickr Spy

One of the new sites we call "Mashups" - this one scans Flickr for new images being uploaded. It's pretty fast and effective, especially if the public are uploading pictures on breaking news, eye-witness reports, etc. Scanning the list could be rather addicting for picture lovers and the site will probably be most effective if you can load it into a browser sidebar.

Medical Marijuana

US site dedicated to the issue of medical marjuana froma non-partisan perspective. Full of links to information both pro and con.

Transition Culture

New UK based site for projects to overcome energy dependency and establishing re-localisation.

WorldCat [OCLC]

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Another new search facility in Beta. This one allows you to investigate worldwide libraries - just that, pure and simple!

Glosk - Indexing the planet

A new "mashup" site which integrates multiple search features into one grid. Still in Beta but it looks promising.

Online Video Industry Index

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Not totally exhaustive, but a good guide nonetheless.

Home - World Press Photo

Site for the photojournalism awards. All 2007 entries now up online.

TechPresident – How the candidates are using the web, and how the web is using them

Anyone who is interested in US politics and the shape of the next presidential race will love this site. As candidates increasingly use online methods for boosting their profile, this portal monitors the whole process, even watching how many people sign up as "friends" in places like MySpace. Genius programming and non-partisan - just the facts and trends.


Site of public and government television in the UK. This link loads with Liberal Democrat listings, but you can switch elsewhere easily enough.

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