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25 June 2007

24 June 2007

More really bad pick-up lines

More really bad chat up lines to get you in trouble with girls

Human penis size evolution

An unusual theory about the evolution of the large human penis, and its link to human's greater intelligence

22 June 2007

The Female Mate Selection Process

A theory concerning the psychology and screening process used by attractive women to determine the men they will have relationships with

Russian Women

An interesting article discussing the smart and sexy women of Moscow, including their behaviours. Which are very different from western women.

27 May 2007

Sperm competition and the Kamikaze Sperm Hypothesis

Interesting thoughts about the controversial and highly sensational 'Kamikaze Sperm Hypothesis'; which forms the basis of the popular book 'Sperm Wars', and some of the Desmond Morris TV programme, 'The Human Animal'.

26 May 2007

Robin Baker and the early history of Sperm Wars

Some interesting facts and information about Robin Baker's scientific career, before he jointly devised the Kamikaze sperm hypothesis.

Things NOT to say in bed!

Some (very funny) things NOT to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend, in bed!

Why Men Should Maintain a 'Horny' Disposition, and How?

Information about men's sexual desire for different sexual partners, and for frequent sexual activity, which forms a natural, instinctive, biological drive.

22 May 2007

14 April 2007

The 7% 38% 55% Body Language Myth

The frequently cited idea that ALL communication simply breaks down into 55% Body Language, 38% Tonality and only 7% Words is shown to be a myth. So called "Body Language" experts have either not checked the facts when writing their books, or have simply been perpetuating a lie to fill their bank accounts.

03 April 2007

A brief history of sperm

A five minute history of sperm discovery