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21 February 2007 06:30

In Ipswich, a return to the 17th century |

Teresa Mendez spent the weekend in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Archbishop of Canterbury Visits President of Tanzania Amid Anglican Summit

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has made a courtesy visit to President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania on 16th February and paid tribute to the progress the country has made in recent years

Backstory: Clowning around on Florida's 'Culture Coast'

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The installation - and vandalism - of a series of sculptures in Sarasota has raised questions of taste, art, and local identity.

Church Leaders Welcome Investigation into Department of Health

Church leaders from Britains largest umbrella groups have welcomed the CREs Commission for Race Equality decision to launch a formal investigation into the Department of Healths widespread failing under Race Relations Law

Amazing Grace Celebrated in US

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More than 2500 churches throughout the USA sang Amazing Grace on Sunday February 18 marking the stateside release of a new film on the life of William Wilberforce

Tanzania Will Reveal True Anglican Communion

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All eyes are on Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania this week as the worldwide Anglican Communion comes together for a summit which could see the Communion splinter amid the continuing row over homosexuality in the Church

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) Tries to Prevent Exodus

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The threat of churches departing from the Louisville-based Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has become so serious that leaders have issued a letter asking them to ...

14-Year-Old May Become Youngest Church of God Chaplain

A 14-year-old boy may become the youngest person to become a certified Church of God ...

2nd Most Innovative Church: Got to Speak the Culture

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Ditching the preacher's robe for a casual sport coat and tie, the Rev. Mark Beeson goes into his fourth week of sermons based off of the popular television ...

Renewed Links Between Catholics Church of England Debated

A powerful response has been seen this week towards plans to renew links between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church

Youth Trend Predictions for 2007

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The New Year prompted international youth ministry Dare 2 Share to assemble the top five teen predictions to watch for in 2007. The Dare 2 Share team predicted the following adolescent trends for the new ...

Movie Guide

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Capsule reviews of new releases.

The land of broken dreams

Jasmila Zbanic's stripped-down style carries cumulative force in 'Grbavica,' a tale of Sarajevo reeling from war's devastation.

Uzbekistan Government Denies Religious Freedom Violations

The government of Uzbekistan has launched a publicity drive claiming that the country does uphold religious tolerance The move follows the designation of Uzbekistan as a Country of Particular Concern CPC by the US State Department in November 2006

Christian Youth Challenge YouTube Blasphemy

More than a month ago, atheists began to blaspheme the existence of God on the popular YouTube network. Today, Christians are turning the tables and taking up the challenge to stand up to their faith in Jesus Christ ...

Key Leader in Ecumencial Movement Dies at 89

A Presbyterian minister who arranged for religious leaders to oppose the war in Vietnam and apartheid in South Africa has ...

Backstory: A heavenly home for hedgehogs

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St. Tiggywinkles, Britain's first wildlife hospital, rehabilitates injured animals whose paths collide with man.

Immigrants Meet Need to Build Multicultural Pews

While U.S. lawmakers consider beefing up border security to control high immigration rates, many churches are seeing more opportunities for building up what they call "ethnic" ...

Young People Leaving Hypocrisy, Not Traditional Church

Riverside Baptist Church in Denver, Colo., is defined as a megachurch; its worship style is a blend of traditional and contemporary worship; and the attire is both formal and informal, according to a church ...

Passion Students Called to Hunger for Scripture

Over 23,000 college students are expecting a change in their lives at the Passion 07 conference. But this year's four-day event is asking for more than a personal change. It's asking for a global ...

Broadband Growth Continuing BT Connecting Millions

The number of worldwide consumer broadband connections will reach 364 million by 2010 according to analyst firm Gartner

WCC General Secretary Welcomes North Korea Nuclear Deal

The World Council of Churches WCC general secretary Rev Dr Samuel Kobia has welcomed as a major breakthrough the 13 February agreement at the Six Party Talks on North Korea in Beijing

World Vision Aids Jakarta Flood Disaster

World Vision staff members in Jakarta teamed up Friday to organise and distribute emergency relief aid after severe floods hit the city at dawn Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes in a desperate attempt to find a safe place to shelter

Iraqi Violence Forcing Out Churches

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Saddam Husseins execution has led to increased anger demonstrations and violence in Iraq fueling a source for the departure of churches in the country Sunni Muslims in Iraq demonstrated in the thousands against the manner of Saddams execution calling it an act of crude vengeance reported ABC News this week

Lutheran Youth Prepare for Triennial Assembly

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Tens of thousands of mostly teenaged Lutherans from the United States and around the world will travel in San Antonio, Texas, next month for the triennial Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Youth ...

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